Spotting Signs of Vitamin Deficiency  

Sometimes, we ignore problems and disregard their warning signs. Attending to these signs is most critical when the problems pertain to our health. Be warned: you may be ignoring signs of vitamin deficiency.


For now, you repel and ignore the signs but it will be back to taunt us. To avoid surprise or shock of your ailments, you need to spot signs of vitamin deficiency. Here are some warning signs of vitamin deficiency:

  • Mysterious fatigue: You made sure to rest the night before (and nights before it) but somehow when you wake up, there is this mysterious and unexplained fatigue. If this feeling persists, it is a sign that you lack iron or copper, zinc, vitamin C, D and B complex and potassium.


  • Weakness: If you constantly feel your bones aching or your muscles sore, it is a sign that you lack vitamin D. Vitamin D controls calcium which maintains strong bones.
  • Shortness of breath: When you experience shortness of breath even if no significant physical exertion is done, it is a tell-tale sign that you lack vitamin B12 and c.
  • Cracks at the mouth: Mouth problems can reflect riboflavin or iron deficiency.

If you have one or more signs, you should visit your doctor right away. Living and surviving here in Singapore is a struggle. If you do not have enough nutrients in your body, things will be more difficult. With this, there is a need to improve your  diet as soon as possible so you can have the recommended amount of nutrients necessary for bodily function.


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