Secrets to Smelling Good

Smelling good can be one of your assets. If you smell good, people will definitely swarm around you. If you smell that bad, many people will surely ignore or avoid you. You do not want to be ostracized. You have to accept that sometimes, you are judged by how you smell.


Smelling good is a challenge here in Singapore and because of the humidity, you tend to sweat a lot. As your day progresses, you lose that freshness but it does not mean that you have to yield. You can do something. Here are some things that you need to know about the art of smelling good:

  • Wearing fresh clothes: It is imperative that you wear fresh clothes every day. You have to be particular about choosing your clothes though. The best thing that you can wear is airy clothes. Sweat is not smelly but if bacteria accumulate, it can yield a funky smell.


  • Laundering right: There is even the right way to launder clothes. You need to pay attention to how you wash your clothes. You need to rinse your clothes at least three times and employ fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioners have the power to keep the clothes fresh longer than ordinary detergent soap.


  • Coat scents: Even the most powerful eau de toilette is not a match for Singapore’s humidity. Keeping the scent long is a challenge but it is possible. The best thing that you can do is to coat the scents so it will last long. You have to consider products that carry the same scent from the body wash to the lotion and the perfume. The scent will surely linger.


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