5 Myths About Exercising During Your Period  

You have probably heard so many different things about the relationship between exercise and menstruation. You might even be practicing some of them. However, not all of these beliefs are true. If you want to find out which ones are facts and which are just make-believe, here are five of the most common beliefs about working out “on the red”.


  1. Myth: Working out would worsen your mood

Fact: Working out helps control mood swings

Although you’ve always been told to take things easy during your menstrual period, doing light exercises will actually help you in managing your premenstrual symptoms. According to Singapore health experts, exercising helps in releasing endorphins, which is responsible for sending happy thoughts all over the body. So avoid sulking in the corner, and instead, perform some light cardio to lighten up your mood.

  1. Myth: Exercising will deplete all your energy

Fact: Exercising may probably boost your energy

Your body releases more hormones the week during and after your period, which gives your body an extra energy boost. Although you may feel grumpy and bloated, your body during these times is actually in the best condition to do some workout routine. Just take it easy and exercise only if you really feel up for it.

  1. Myth: It’s okay to perform extreme routines on regular days

Fact: Stick to your comfort zone or “controlled stress” level

Make sure exercise on a level that’s comfortable for you if you during regular days. If you happen to get to a much lower body weight percentage than is normal for your height, then your body will start to shut down functions that it deems unnecessary, which could result to a delayed period, or a skipped menstrual cycle. So, just stick to your regular workout routine and avoid overdoing it.


  1. Myth: Water is definitely off-limits

Fact: You can relax in a hot shower

Most people think that the pool is off-limits when you have your period, but that’s not really the case. In fact, swimming a little or relaxing in a bath or in a shower after your workout routine will help relax your muscles. Just make sure that you wear a tampon, of course.

  1. Myth: Avoid stretching your body

Fact: Yoga is your best form of exercise

If you’re not in the mood to perform your cardio exercise while feeling bloated, then doing yoga routines might serve as a great solution to tone your muscles and ease your cramps. Performing yoga positions is excellent for your body, especially if you’re suffering from lower back pains during your period.

Now that the facts have been cleared, you can now perform your workout routine even if it’s your time of the month. Just exercise safely and consider your current condition.