What is Broken Heart Syndrome

People cope and deal with heart break differently. Some recover way faster than the others. If you are the type that recovers faster, you are freeing yourself from the misery as soon as possible and that is good. But for people who are immersing their heart to the feeling of despair or loss for a long time, they should be cautious because recent studies reveal that broken heart can kill.

Heart shape in doctor's hands

Yes, broken heart can kill. If you allow your despair and depression take over your life, you will not live long. This is the truth and you better believe it. Scientists have evidence that broken heart can kill; they call it stress cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome. Here are some truths about broken heart syndrome:

A troubled mind can result to broken heart

A troubled mind can really affect the body. When you feel low, sad or grieving, your body fails to perform right. The unfortunate event of losing a love one for example can trigger the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This is also known as the “fight or flight” mechanism of the body. When you are experiencing an emotional breakdown, the body will discharge chemicals that can shock the heart’s muscle. That scenario will surely affect the pumping of the heart.

Signs and Symptoms

People who suffer from broken heart syndrome mistake it as heart attack. Scientists found out that heart attack is different from the broken heart syndrome which will require a different approach and type of treatments. Here are some signs and symptoms of broken heart syndrome that you should watch out: shortness of breath and chest pain. You can also experience irregular heartbeats which is called arrhythmia.


Heart Attack or Broken Heart Syndrome?

Heart attack is different from broken heart syndrome although there are signs and symptoms that are common to both. The only thing that separates them is the extreme physical or emotional stress of the patient before the attack occurred. To be sure, the doctors will conduct tests like EKG tests, blood tests and many. For example, if the blood test shows no signs of any heart damage, the patient is likely suffering from broken heart syndrome. In the case of EKG test (records the electric activity of one’s heart), results are not similar to the person who is suffering from heart attack.

The heart can only do so much and if you strain it, it will surely give up. If you let your heart drown in sorrow, despair and depression, you will surely die. If you do not want to die this early, it is important that you learn how to deal with your broken heart and do your best to cope up. At the end of the day, the mind holds the key. You only need to change your perspective so you will feel lighter and happier.


What You Can Do to Take Care of Your Heart

The IMB (Institute of Medical Biology) together with the Institute of Molecular & Cellular Biology uncovered a specific hormone that might assist heart-related repairs. This hormone can offer new therapies for hypertension and other prevalent heart diseases. The hormone is called ELABELA. Researchers and the people in the medical field are keeping their hopes high. stethoscope_heart

Apart from the efforts of researchers and doctors, there are other things that you can do to take care of your heart. The effort of ensuring your heart is healthy should come to you, not from other people. You are in charge for your heart. Here are some things that you can consider to take care of your heart:

1. Exercise. It is imperative that you exercise every day for at least thirty minutes. It is hard and sometimes it can be painful but know that it is for your own good.



2. Eat fruits and vegetables. You have to eat fruits and vegetables all the time. In fact, it would be better if you consider fruits and vegetables in every snack and meal.

4. Avoid specific foods. There are foods that you should avoid if you want to be free from any heart-related problems. You need to avoid sugar treats (like candies, cakes, cookies, etc), animal fats, hydrogenated fats and inflammatory oils. 3. Do not smoke or drink. Smoking can amplify your risk for hypertension and other prevalent heart diseases. The same goes for drinking too much alcohol.

If you need to change your lifestyle, you have to because it can be the difference between life and death. Hypertension and other prevalent heart diseases should be taken seriously. Every minute, many people die because of this. Protect yourself and the people you love by considering all of the things mentioned above.