Your Privacy Solution

The digital era has come. This time it is easier and more convenient. You store all your personal information online because you think it is the safe thing to do but you should think twice before you upload everything or before you let anyone upload it for you. Cyber threats are imminent here in Singapore. Even government sites are being hacked.

Internet Security

So, how can you protect your own information or identity from hackers? The first suggestion is to always change your password regularly. However, it does not end there. You need to fortify your defences so no one can penetrate you and take your identity. Thankfully there are many privacy solutions provided here in Singapore.

What is your privacy solution? The good news is that there are parameters that Singaporeans can consider to make sure that their security system is effective and manageable. Here are some parameters that you should look for:

  • Secure connection: Sometimes, you use public Wi-Fi spots when the need arises. This is not good because you are putting yourself at risk. You should look for a protection that offers HTTPS encryption plus a VPN technology.
  • Anonymous online access: There are times that you wish you can mask your IP address so you will be safe. That is possible now with the help of a security system. You can now safely exchange emails and other communication materials without worrying about someone tracking your IP and browsing history.


  • Identity theft defence: You are often worried about your credit card information and passwords. Thankfully there is a security system that can take care of that. You should look for a system that takes pride in fortifying your defence so it is unbreachable. The VPN technology will establish a private yet secure channel so you can choose who can view your profiles.
  • Malware guard: Hackers use infected malware to spam you or phish information. You can intercept malicious malware to get into your system with the help of a security system.
  • Swift browsing: There are security companies that only provide protection but they fail to consider giving dedicated networks so their clients can have a nice browsing experience. It is better to look for a company that promises swift browsing.

With this solution, hopefully you can sleep and rest without worrying about your stored information and identity. If you are not quite convinced, the best way is not to store your information online. Now a more difficult thing will come, what is the perfect security system against hackers?


Workplace Safety Tips

Despite the workplace safety procedures and regulations here in Singapore, deaths in the construction still happen. In 2013, the number of deaths in the construction soared to 27% or fifty none deaths. This figure was provided by the Health Statistics Report and the Workplace Safety. We have seen twelve deaths in the first three months of 2014. This is alarming and it needs action as soon as possible.


According to the updates given by the Secretary for Manpower, accidents and deaths revolve around the formwork, cranes and the heights. The three areas will be the reference of policymakers and contractors in raising the bar for safety rules and standards. The effort to raise the bar for safety should not only come from the government and the contractors. It should also be practiced by the employees.

If you are under the construction industry, you should be extra careful because one fatal mistake can lead to accident and eventually death. You should follow safety guidelines at all times. For your sake, you can ponder on the following workplace safety tips:


  • General: A clean workplace can halt disasters. You should always clear the place of clutter and hazards. You also need to check if the machines and the equipment are in good condition. Another effective thing to do is implement a preventive maintenance plan. Do not rely on the personal protective equipment.
  • Scaffold/ladder: You should make sure that the ladder or the scaffold is strong and sturdy. Before you climb, you should make sure that you secured it from the base. It is important that you check it every time you use it.
  • Fire: It is a requirement for a construction site to procure first aid equipment as well as fire fighting tools. The fire fighting tools should be checked regularly to make sure that it is functional. More importantly, keep the combustible materials away from the structures to prevent sudden explosion.
  • Electrical: If you are dealing with electricity, you should maintain a safe distance from power lines. It is imperative that you inspect all the electrical components and make sure it is not defective. When you plug tools, make sure that it is turned off and never overload your outlets.

Do not be too confident when you are in the construction site. When you do something, always keep in mind the safety standards that are taught to you. If you forgotten everything, you need to review again. Do not leave things to fate because it will cause your downfall. Stick to the tips and the guidelines if you value your life.