The Risks of Advanced Maternal Age

When you are beyond the age of 35 and are pregnant, you’re considered to be of advanced maternity age. As you age, the amount of egg cells you produce lowers and the produced eggs are no longer as healthy as you were in your 20s.


Gynaecologists in Singapore use the age of 35 as a key point in determining whether you need advanced medical care due to higher pregnancy risk. Although not all women above the age of 35 have complicated pregnancies, obstetricians and gynaecologists remain on alert throughout your maternity just in case.

Fraternal Twins

When you get pregnant at a more mature age, there’s an increased chance of giving birth to fraternal twins. In addition to your age, the number of pregnancies you have had also plays a major role. If you become pregnant in your late 30s and have four or more pregnancies prior to the current pregnancy, you are three times more likely to have fraternal twins.

Down Syndrome

Another pregnancy risk that’s notable to mature expectant moms is Down Syndrome. This condition is due to chromosome defect, which is thought to be associated with aging egg cells. By the age of 40, one in 100 women is at risk of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome. Above the age of 40, the chance of your unborn of developing the condition increases exponentially. It is good to visit in Singapore to check the health of the baby before continuing with the pregnancy. By the time you reach 49 and are pregnant, your risk increases at around eight percent or one in every 12 women. Your gynaecologist may request for a chronic virus sampling (CVS) or an amniocentesis to check the possibilities of Down Syndrome in your fetus.

Hypertensive Complications

An increased blood pressure can cause complications during pregnancy. If you are 35 or older, you are likely to have higher possibility of developing pre-pregnancy hypertension. High blood pressure can be a cause of premature delivery, which also means that older women are likely to deliver premature or underweight babies. Your gynae is fully aware of this risk and should provide the necessary care to avoid and treat hypertensive complications.



This is another pregnancy problem associated with advanced maternal age, which usually happens after the 20th week of pregnancy. Expectant moms after the age of 40 are more than twice as likely to have stillborn babies. Although stillbirth is not as common in both young and mature pregnancy, death of child during pregnancy is still possible.

Maternal Death

Lastly, as women get older, there’s higher risk of maternal death during pregnancy and delivery. According to research, women aging 35 and older are three times as likely to die due to complications caused by pregnancy and labour compared to young moms. However, like stillbirth, maternal death is not very common at any age.

Lowering Risks of Pregnancy Complications

Taking good care of yourself is the best you can do to ensure the safety of your unborn child. Pay attention to these basics, and you will guarantee the health of your baby regardless of your age.

• Seek Pre-Conception Appointment
Talk to your doctor about your overall health and any necessary lifestyle changes to improve your chances of healthy pregnancy. If you have any concerns about fertility and pregnancy, this is the time to discuss them with your gynae. Ask about how to increase the odds of conception—and the treatment options if experiencing troubles with getting pregnant.

• Have Regular Prenatal Check-Ups
Regular hospital visits help your ob-gynae to monitor your and your baby’s health. If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or have any concerns about your condition, mention it to your gynae. Talking to your healthcare provider will give you peace of mind and make it easier for your doctor to ensure optimum health of both you and your baby.

• Take Prenatal Multivitamins
Most prenatal multivitamin supplements contain more folic acid than you’ll typically find in standard supplements. It is important to have adequate amount of folic acid in the body during the early stages of pregnancy to greatly reduce the baby’s risk of developing neural tube defects. Ideally, your healthcare provider will ask you to start taking your vitamins one month before conceiving. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, your gynaecologist will likely increase your dosage to 600 micrograms from 400 micrograms.

• Stay Active
You don’t have to run a marathon to keep a healthy weight, but simple physical activities are required to boost your energy and improve overall health. Activities like morning walks help ease or even prevent discomfort brought by advanced-age pregnancy. Just make sure to get your ob-gynae’s approval before proceeding with an exercise program.

• Say No to Any Form of Alcohol
Do not drink while you are pregnant. Any alcohol you take reaches your baby through your bloodstream, and your unborn can end up with higher alcohol level that you are. Regardless of how little you take, you increase the chances of having low-birthweight baby and the risk of your baby to develop problems with speech, learning, attention span and language.

• Consider Testing For Chromosomal Abnormalities
Discuss with your gynaecology expert about prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities. This test examines your fetal DNA to determine whether your child is at risk of certain chromosomal abnormalities. However, this test can carry a slight risk of miscarriage. Your gynae should be able to explain to you more about this test and help you get through it safely if you consider having one.

Pregnancy risks differ from woman to woman. Although age is a significant factor, the mother’s overall health status is still the biggest contributor that can increase or decrease the odds of developing unfavourable issues during pregnancy. To ensure your and your unborn child’s health, talk to gynaecology specialist prior to pregnancy.


10 Tips for Hiring a Good Electrician

Finding a good electrician in Singapore who provides excellent quality of work doesn’t have to be daunting. You can find solutions to almost anything by doing a little research, and the same goes when looking for a professional to do your home’s electrical works. This project is about your home’s safety and comfort, so it’s essential to choose a reputable and dependable person to perform the job in an efficient, safe, and timely manner. Keep these tips in mind when hiring an electrician to ensure you’re getting the professional services you deserve.


1. Ask About Licenses and Insurance

It is absolutely important that your electrician is licensed and insured, and that he is willing to provide you with these details. If he is under an electrical company, it’s possible to look for these details through the organization. However, for independent contractors, this information can only be provided by them, so make sure to ask.

2. Look For Customer Reviews

One of the best signs that an electrician provides quality service is the feedback of happy and satisfied clients. While it’s recommended to look at the electrician’s website for customer testimonials, it’s more important to look at third-party websites. These sites provide a wider range of reviews, with the most honest information that’s vital in making your decision. Check out websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau to get an idea of what to expect from a certain electrician.

3. Talk About Experiences

If you get the chance to contact the electrician, ask about the kind of works he has done in the past and how long he has been in the business. Notice how he talks about the work to get a glimpse of his expertise, skill level, knowledge, and experience in the field. The Internet is also a great source for learning more about the electrician. Simply search them on Google or visit their website directly like in SIngapore to check photos of past projects and customer testimonials.

4. Find Out Their Specialization

Because electrical works has different areas, it’s important to hire the right expert for the job you need to be completed. While most electrician services professional undergo the same primary trainings, it depends on your task which type of electrician you need to hire. Some professionals specialize either in maintenance or installation, while others can perform both excellently.

5. Ask About Warranty

A good electrician is confident of his work. Ask whether he provides a warranty that states the solution he will take in case of a faulty fix or any damage or accident that may happen due to the electrical work. A reputable professional will ensure that your properties are well-protected and that you are satisfied with his work.

Young adult electrician builder engineer screwing equipment in f

6. Search About the Quality of Work

In terms of quality, you will surely get what you pay for. If you want an effective, up to code, and a bulletproof work, be prepared to pay a reasonable price for it. Ask if the electrician you’re talking to will do the job himself or send an apprentice to do the task you need to be done. If it’s the latter, insist that he be accompanied by a licensed electrician who would supervise his work. Quality of work is essential for the safety of your home, so never skimp on this aspect.

7. Obtain an Initial Quote

Do not begin any electrical project without obtaining and agreeing on a quote. In fact, you can obtain quotes from different electricians before choosing the one who will carry out the project. This allows you to compare prices and get an idea of the price range of the job you want to be done.

8. Request for a Timeline

For extensive projects, a reputable professional should be able to provide you with a projected timeline for completion of work. While some adjustments to the initial timeline may be necessary as the work is ongoing, it is significantly useful to have a guide of the procedure and a clear idea of how long the work is likely to take.

9. Inquire About Permits

It could be that your specific electrical project requires a permit for safety purposes. A professional electrician in Singapore will ensure that before the job begins, all legalities have been settled. They will never attempt to cut corners by skipping the step of seeking permissions and approval to the authority. Although securing permits may delay the work, without it you’re placed in a greater risk and your insurance may be void.

10. Let the Electrician Explain the Work

The best professionals provide clear details and information of the job to be done. Essentially, a quality electrician strives to explain the necessary work using terms and language that can be easily understood by most consumers. Ask your electrician about the details of the job and notice the way it is explained. A good electrician should be able to explain understandably the particulars of the task that will be executed in your property.

Whether it is a repair, maintenance, or installation of a new appliance in your home or office, it’s important to allow only a qualified professional to do the job. Finding an expert is important, so it only makes sense to be meticulous about it. By setting standards and keeping in mind these helpful tips, you are best positioned in making a smart choice of the right electrician services to hire.


Makeup Tips for Skin with Acne Scars


You always hear your mother scolding you for perennially picking your pimples. She said it will leave a mark and just leave it be. You already know that it will make a mark but sometimes it is hard not to notice and get pissed every time you see yourself in the mirror. This is a common scenario for most teenagers here in Singapore.


Once or twice in your life, you were plagued by acne. The dark marks are expected if you perennially picked at your pimples. What is the best way to hide the unpleasant dark spots? Makeup can at least conceal it ideally but sometimes, the more you hide things, the more it can draw attention. In this line, it is important that you know what makeup to use to achieve the right look.

Here are some makeup tips for skin with acne scars:

  • Always prime: Before anything else, do not forget to do priming. With the help of a good and trusted primer brand, you will prepare your complexion. Primers are important because it can smoothen your problem areas. Some primers are effective when it comes to filling out the scarring at the same time brightening your whole face.


  • Forget about glowing: You are always tempted to get that dewiness or glowing look but if you have many scars, it cannot help conceal. You should know that luminous formulas have content that can emphasize the flat skin and the scarred skin. The best thing to do is to choose matte products. Matte products are effective because of their ability to absorb light. This will result to softening of scarred areas.


  • Use color-correct: After putting layers of concealer but dark spots are still visible, it is time that you learn to use color-correct. There are different products that you can consider so do not worry about it. To totally hide the dark spots, use a peach-toned concealer.


  • Consider setting spray: Putting makeup is in itself hard work. You should always preserve your hard work so think about having setting spray. Setting spray will extend the life of the base you used plus it will not leave a dry powdery effect on your skin.


  • Try buying an airbrush: Finally, for a smooth application around the scarring, you should at least try or purchase airbrush. There are many airbrush available in the market. You just have to buy this because at the end of application, it can leave your skin naturally glowing.


How to Treat Acne Scars


If you have acne breakout, you always wish that there is something that can fix it overnight. You also know that this is not possible at the moment. All you can do is face it in the mirror and learn to treat it. Learning how to treat it is important. Before anything else, you should know what caused the scarring.

Proud of her beautiful skin

Acne scars are permanent indentations and it can come in many shapes and sizes. There are some scars that are thick – scars that stick out above your skin while others are keloid – scars that have overproduced skin tissue. Then there is atrophic scars that leaves depression on your skin.

If the acne is severe, the body will create little or too much tissue that can eventually lead to a depression in your skin. You have to remember that the deeper the acne lesion or the more it is squeezed or picked, the more likely it will lead to scarring. There are some Singaporeans who have this issue and it is time to know how to treat it.

Since scarring is more serious than marks, it is important that you consult your dermatologist first about your status. If you are that conscious, you should not waste time sulking. You cannot restore it to its former glory but you can do something to at least lighten it up. Dermatologists will base the treatments on the following:

Steroid injections

This is perhaps the fastest treatment of them all. As soon as you identified the pimple, a steroid shot can easily be asked from your dermatogist. The importance of steroid injections is to reduce the inflammation. If you take care of it immediately, you will not give your fingers chance to prick them.


Dermal fillers

This can be a long process but dermal fillers can be one of the most effective treatment. In this treatment, dermal filters will elevate the depressed areas immediately. Dermal fillers have two ingredients that can help improve scarring. Polymethylmethacylate that can help the body make protein to allow scarring to heal then collagen.


To reduce the redness, lasers can be considered. This is only for scars that are still red. However for scars that are no longer red, a different kind of laser is used. Remember though that the result of lasers will vary depending on treatments and the downtime of your recovery process.

Submit to varying treatments

You just do not continuously ask for topical prescriptions every time you think that it doesn’t work. Scars are different from marks. Topical prescriptions will not work for the scars. To know about varying treatments, you should see your dermatologist right away.


Online Printing Mistakes You Must Avoid  


Printing posters and banners are an effective way of boosting your business presence within a community. There are many online printing services you can use for creating these advertising materials to attract customers. But before you choose among those offering these services, it’s vital to remember that there are a lot of mistakes made when it comes to poster printing. This post will enlighten you of these common mistakes so you can avoid them.


  1. Misspelled words

This seems like one of the most obvious mistakes anyone can make but people still do it even now. Thoroughly read through what you’re submitting for poster printing. Some companies will only print what they receive without checking if there are any errors. They assume that everything submitted to them is already proofread properly. Making this mistake can be very costly since you won’t be able to use a banner with misspelled words and you would have to repeat the entire process.


  1. Wrong size of advertising material

You might think that getting the biggest banner size out there is the best option. With a large banner, you can fit in as much detail as you want. It will also be more visible to people, which can lead to more customers. This kind of thinking is somewhat correct, but you don’t always need the biggest banner. Firstly, you need to think where you’re going to post your banner or whether you’re going to hand them out to clients. It might be better to use smaller posters if you are thinking of posting them in enclosed areas like hallways. Larger banners can be used out in wide streets. But instead of just hanging your posters, you may decide to give them out to people. In that case, you’d want to go for smaller ones which are cheaper and lighter.

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  1. Going for the printing company with the lowest cost

Investing in expensive printing is not at all times bad for business. There are times paying more is better. Take banner printing is an example. Instead of focusing solely on the price, you need to pay more attention on the materials used for your banner. There are print providers out there which offer lower cost printing because they don’t use high quality materials. If a banner’s material quality is low, its content might fade easily. This will render your banner unreadable or less noticeable.


  1. Not using printed advertisements

Perhaps the top mistake is not using poster or banner printing at all. It’s easy to see why many fall for this. You might think that banner or poster printing isn’t important anymore with the rise of the Internet and the many marketing avenues it provides. After all, you can reach a much larger audience through social media websites. While this is true, there are many instances when using posters can be better than by just posting online. For instance, posters can be used to advertise local services. Why would you need someone from the other side of the world reading your advertisement if your business is only local? Posters will only be seen by people around your area. These people will have a higher chance of using your service.

Online printing of advertising materials is definitely something you should look at to promote your business. The process of printing online gives the traditional way of marketing using printed materials, a modern twist. Always keep in mind the mistakes mentioned above, so you wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences they bring.


Its Hired! The Right Time To Get A Luxury Car For Hire

Hiring luxury cars in Singapore services are now starting to become more and more popular due to the fact that many people these days are now more interested in riding a luxury car than just riding a standard car. People think that they can improve their status in the society once they have managed to drive or ride a limousine or any other luxury vehicle.


When To Hire A Luxury Car Service?

If you are thinking of hiring Limousine hire service, then just go for it. Do not look for any specific reason on why you should hire a luxury car for you to ride. You ride it when you feel like riding it. Therefore, you decide when you will hire this kind of service. It is all up to you.

While it cannot be denied that there is no right time for you to get this kind of service, it is also true that people hire luxury cars mostly when there is an important purpose. Some people avail this service when:

  • There will be an important person coming.

Most often than not, companies have special guests that they cannot just afford to disappoint. When these special and influential people are scheduled for a visit, companies do all their best just to make sure they will succeed in impressing these VIPs. As someone who wants to impress a person, you have to prepare everything – from its arrival up to its departure. These people’s experience starts when these individuals have already landed in the place. This is why people, mostly working in the business world, get luxury car hire service when they have a special guest. It is because they want to impress their guests even with the transportation that they provide.

  • There is an important occasion.

People also hire this kind of service when there is an important occasion that you have to go. Many people prefer to ride a luxury car going to the venue simply to put up their social status a little higher than the usual. Some hire this service in order to fit in to the other guests. Probably, this occasion or event is a gathering of wealthy professionals. You do not want to come there walking on your own feet when other guests are riding their head-turner vehicles, right?


Aside from the two common events listed above, you can hire luxury car service in any other instances. Remember that anyone has the freedom what they want to enjoy. As long as you can afford to pay, then there is no reason not to enjoy the ride of your dreams.

How Expensive It Is To Hire A Luxury Car?

Before you hire a luxury car for you to ride, you have to know how much it is to get a luxury car hire Sydney service. This is to make sure that you will be ready on how much you should spend in getting the service.

Some people think that it is very expensive. Yes, it might be more expensive than hiring a standard vehicle, but it is not as expensive as you think it is. While others think that it is impractical to hire Limousine and other luxury cars, think about how much you would have to spend if you choose to buy rather than to rent a luxury vehicle.

Hiring luxury vehicles, such as Limousine, is an economical choice. Why? It is because you choose to just hire a car for a short period of time at an affordable rate. If you choose to buy one, you would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.

How To Hire Luxury Vehicles?

If you are decided that you want to hire expensive cars, all you have to do is to look for a company that offer this kind of service. In Singapore, it is not difficult to find one. Nonetheless, if you do not know any firm that render this service, you just have to search the internet. It is impossible for you not to find one with the help of the internet. As a matter of fact, you might even get a long list of companies that offer luxury car hire service. When you have already chosen a company that will render you the service, just phone or email them so you can talk about the details, such as their car service rate, the date on when you need the car, where do you need to go and many more.


8 Foods That Can Help Whiten Teeth

Having white teeth may not be important to other Singaporeans but if you constantly face different people, you will eventually wish you have white teeth. Having white teeth is no brainer these days. If you have lots of extra money, you can go directly to your dentist and demand it. However, if money is an issue, you can always rely on natural remedy.


Natural remedies include foods that can actually help white your teeth. Oh yes, you heard it right. You can munch your way to whiter and beautiful teeth. Here are some foods that you should consider:

  1. Strawberries: Eating strawberries is inconvenient because its juice can stain however its powers in whitening your teeth can make a difference at the end of the day. Strawberries contain malic acid which is capable to whiten teeth. Malic acid can remove the stains in the surface. The stains will make your teeth look aged and dark.


  1. Cauliflower: This food will inspire more chewing. Chewing is good for the production of saliva. Saliva is beneficial because it can wash away discoloration that accumulated on the enamel’s surface.


  1. Broccoli: Broccoli can help by creating a protection for the tooth enamel. For best cleansing solution, you should consider raw broccoli.


  1. Pineapple: Of all foods, pineapple is known as the only one that contains bromelain. Bromelain is famous because of its cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. If given by pina colada, you should not deny it.


  1. Carrots: Carrots are famous for its water content. Body conscious people love carrots because they are perfect for the waistline. Apart from that, carrots can help whiten teeth by encouraging saliva production. Saliva can actually sweep away food debris as well as strengthening your gums.


  1. Cheese: Another food to consider is cheese. Cheese is good for the teeth because it is rich in protein and calcium. These can protect the tooth enamel. Cheese also contains lactic acid that can prevent decaying of tooth.


  1. Apples: It is true than an apple a day keeps the doctor away (including dentists). If you chew apples for a whole, it will stimulate saliva. You know the importance of saliva as it can wash away food debris on your teeth.


  1. Yoghurt: Yoghurt works similarly with cheese but it is your healthy choice. If you do not want to get fat, yoghurt is the best food to eat. It contains phosphorus and calcium that can neutralize acid and re-mineralize enamel.

There is nothing wrong aspiring for white and beautiful teeth. If your teeth are already white and beautiful, you should take care of it.


Tips for a Better Sleep

To you, sleep is elusive not love. About half of Singaporeans struggle to get some sleep every day. We all know the importance of good sleep for better health, mood and productivity. If you are the type that struggles going to sleep, everything is done from hot milk, warm bath, counting sheep and many more. These things are meant to help you drift and eventually bring you to slumber but unfortunately, these tactics are passé.


You are not alone and you should not fret. According to Great British Sleep Survey, women suffer lack of sleep three times than men. Experts highly recommend that adults sleep for about 7-8 hours every night. Sometimes this is not the case. In fact, many people have sleeping pills prescription.

You already know how lack of sleep affects your health from decreased cognitive function to reduced concentration and attention. It is time that you employ some tactics to help you get through the night:

  • Easy on the caffeine: If coffee is already deeply rooted in your system, it is time that you go easy on them. You should know that caffeine has an impact on reducing your sleep quality. Research said that it will take ten hours for the body to completely remove the caffeine. Instead of drinking coffee, why not drink more water, fruit juices or teas? That’ll do well for your body.


  • Workout: There was a study conducted by the Northwestern University last 2010 revealing that people who exercised regularly testified that the quality of their sleep improved. Exercise is the most effective way to reduce stress thereby enabling you to sleep deeply. 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every week can make a difference.


  • Stick to your schedule: Whether it is the weekend or weekdays, you should stick with the same sleeping schedule. It is important that you keep your body clock on time. This is your natural way of promoting sleep. If you want nap, limit it to at least twenty minutes.


  • Eat right: There are particular foods that can promote good sleep. You can consider chicken, tofu, cheese, nuts, eggs and milk as it can release melatonin and serotonin in your system.


  • Stop trying: Sometimes, it is good to stop trying and let nature takes its course. Overly trying will put stress to the body. The important thing here is to let take come and not constantly chase after it. You can however commit to doing small actions everyday so sleep will come.

Hopefully the tips mentioned above can help you drift and eventually go to slumber. Share it to other friends who are suffering from the same dilemma too.

Get-Better-Sleep (1)

How to Bring Out the Best in Children  


There is no such thing as a perfect parent however you can be the greatest parent if you really want to. It is important that you take parenthood seriously. Being a parent does not only involve feeding the children, sending them to school and giving what they need. Being a parent also involves bringing up motivated, as well as responsible and successful children.

Happy kids

This is a challenge but with tips on bringing out the best in your children, you will be successful. At the end of the day, seeing how your children behave takes all other unpleasant things form day’s work away. Rearing a child is not easy with frustrations and disappointments along the way. Being a parent is indeed the hardest job in the world.

There will come a time that you get confused and lost. When this day comes, do not give up on your child. Just remember that you are not alone. There are many parents here in Singapore that can share some insights and there’s your partner and parents to turn to. As a start, here are some things that you can consider to bring out the best in your children:

  • Catching children when they are being good: Good deeds need to be commended. Children need affirmation that what they are doing is good so as a parent, you have to catch your children when they are being goof and make an effort to acknowledge their efforts and behaviours. Remember that children react well to positive feedback.
  • Teaching children that the world doesn’t orbit around them: Children think that they can get what they want. These children believe that their wants and needs only matter. They have this self-centred attitude because some parents blindly made them the centre of universe. If your children ask too much, make them understand their place in the scheme of things.


  • Allowing children to be independent: Independent doesn’t mean throwing them out and see how they can fetch themselves. Allowing children to be independent means not doing things for them. For example, allowing your teenager child to go along to a dentist’s appointment. This will allow children to take accountability. This will surely help them mature and grow.
  • Creating family rituals and traditions: If you want your children to grow family-oriented, it is time to create family rituals and traditions. For example, every year, consider camping outside or traveling out of town. If that is not enough, think of things to do every weekend like cooking together or going out together.
  • Teaching children about feelings: Teaching children about feelings is difficult. Explaining something inside is difficult but letting them understand should be the key. Let them understand that all feelings are natural and okay but actions after feeling it are not natural and okay. If children know how to handle their feelings, they will not lash out leading to violence.
  • Treating all people with respect: Children should learn the value of respect. As a parent, you need to treat all people with respect and that is being a good role model. Show to your kids that everyone deserves respect no matter their stature in life.


How to Inspire Young People to Read Books  


The world will be so much fun and creative if all people love reading. Unfortunately, reading is not a thing for most and that should be improved. Parents can improve reading of their kids if they are serious about it. This article will teach parents on how to inspire young people to read books. Remember that knowledge is power.


Reading has different benefits in the overall well-being of the person. There is this new study that revealed people who love to read are healthier and more empathetic. The research was conducted by The Reading Agency. The Agency conducted the study on behalf of BOP Consulting. The researchers studied readers and non-readers from different age.

The study found out that readers, regardless of the age, are healthier and more empathetic than their counterparts. This is enough to encourage and inspire young people to read books. Furthermore, apart from being empathetic, reading can also help children to socialize at that it can keep depression away. For adults, reading is important as it can fend off dementia.

Here are some ways on how to inspire young people to read books:

  • Be a good model: If your children see you enjoy reading, they will get curious. It is important that you are a good model to your children. Reading a book gives a different experience and sharing those experiences with your children is the best feeling in the world.
  • Make reading a habit: If your children see you have established reading in your routine, they will follow your lead and see what good it makes.
  • Let the children pick a book: To inspire and motivate them, you just don’t pick a book and throw it at their table and offer for reward after finishing. We have different tastes when it comes to books and letting the children choose their own book is a good strategy. They are already fed up with scholarly books demanded by schools. It is time that you give them the freedom to pick a book. On Sundays for example, bring your children to bookstores and let them choose a book they like.


  • Process output: Sometimes kids do not understand some books that is why it is preferred to choose books that is especially made for them. But if they chose a more mature book, you have to process the output so they will not misunderstand the book and the morals. If the children do not understand a word or sentence, give them your valuable insights.

Now that you know reading can make a difference, you have to force your kids. That is not good. Only those who read for pleasure and not forced will enjoy the benefits. If you are forced, you will be stressed out. You do not want to stress your child so much because they will find reasons not to read and dread every moment of it.

If the tips mentioned above proved to be futile, it is time to talk to the child and ask determine where the distaste comes from. Remember that to correlate all the benefits, one must love reading. Do not however expect that doctors will prescribe reading books.