Preparing for the Military

It is a requirement that Singaporean boys serve in the military for at least two years and whether you like it or not, you have to do it. Now, would you like to just live through the two years of training or would you rather prepare for your training and excel in your performance? It is a normal thing for boys to be physical and although not all boys are into sports, we are required by society to have some level of physical strength.

Doing not only the household chores but also some physical activities requires a level of strength you can only achieve through exercise. Now, in military training, you are expected to be able to reach some level of strength for you to be able to perform certain physical activities. It may not be easy but it is required of you. Either just surviving your training or excelling is totally up to you.

Getting the right amount of exercise before your two years in the military is very important. The easiest way to improve your physical capabilities is to constantly exercise. You probably already know which exercises you are suppose to perform. These are very basic exercises but at the same time very effective.

Jogging everyday or at least twice a week is a good way to train your stamina and improve your cardiovascular capabilities. This also increases your endurance towards certain activities that may be very strenuous towards your body. The first thing you are suppose to improve is your stamina and endurance since this will give you the upper hand when it comes to military exercises. Strength isn’t everything, it is also important that you are able to keep your strength up for a long period of time. Some people are only strong for a couple of minutes before their body gives up and this is something you should definitely improve. Your body should be able to keep strong for a long period of time if you are to excel.

Push-ups and pull-ups are very important because they strengthen the right parts of your body that are needed for you to do certain tasks. The military may be scary at first but once you are able to get past that fear and strive for greatness, it could actually be a really good thing for you.

Do not forget why you are going to the military and what motivates you to stay strong, if it is not the country of Singapore, then you should find an inspiration to motivate you and keep you together until your service towards the country is finished. Two years may seem like a lot but once you are done, it would seem a breeze flowing by.

Man’s Guide to a Good Haircut

What most men don’t give importance to is their hair which is in the most important part of your body, your face! Your hair is one of the ultimate sign of grooming and if you do not treat your hair with respect, then it would also be hard for others to treat you with respect. We can not stress enough how a good haircut is very important to your image. Never! We repeat, never! Allow yourself to have a bad hair-day.

Sometimes we forget to get a haircut on a regular basis and only end up getting a haircut once we receive a bunch of negative comments but when do we really need to have our hair cut? Before everything, it isn’t just about the right length of hair, your haircut should also be in style and should compliment your looks instead of grabbing all the attention from your face.

Now, here’s how to have amazing hair. First of all, you have to be able to pick a style that works best for you. There are so many head shapes and sizes and before deciding the hair your want to have, you have to understand your face first. There are some people with round faces and there are others with a lot of angles to them. This greatly affects the shape of the specific haircut they should rock. Now, how do we do this? Well, there are a lot of tips online for you to figure out if your face is an oblong, a triangle or diamond, a square or rectangle, or maybe even a heart. First of all, you’d really have to sit in the mirror and take a good look at the shape of your head. One thing that really helps is pulling all your hair backwards or making it flat or wet for you to really understand the shape of your head.

Once you’ve understood the shape of your head, you then have to decide the length of hair you would want to have. Let’s face it, some people feel more comfortable with longer hair while others would prefer hair that is really short, their scalp may be visible. Either way, decide which length gives you confidence and start picking up a style. Sadly, you’ll also have to put into mind that you shouldn’t one hundred percent duplicate that style, there is a personalized haircut that works best for every individual and you have to be ready to compromise for the sake of a good look.

A great way to find out which hairstyle goes best is to consult an expert for opinion. You should be willing to shell out a little more money, after all, your hair is very important to your image.

Common Illnesses Associated with Old Age

Even the people that live to a ripe old age in Singapore eventually suffer from illnesses that take advantage of a weaker immune system and slow metabolism. These are the most common illnesses that the elderly need to watch out for.

Alzheimer’s Disease
This disease is brought on by the brain’s inability to stop function, resulting in the decline of cognitive processes and the death of the brain cells. Unfortunately, the condition is irreversible and will cause the elderly to lose the ability to perform daily activities and will have difficulty remembering events and even language. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, the general term for diseases that affect a person’s memory, language, and behavior.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis
Arthritis affects the quality of life of most of the elderly because it can discourage them from being physically active. The name arthritis, however, refers not just to the inflammation of joints, but the different conditions that affect muscles and tissues as well. The most common type that affects people older than 65 years is osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease caused by the weakening of the tissue in the joints. Another problem associated with the bones is called osteoporosis and it increases the risk of getting fractures especially during falls. Osteoporosis develops from the imbalance of bone formation and bone resorption.

Hearing Loss
There is no clear explanation why some elderly lose their hearing as they age, but it could be a combination of different factors. Some doctors point to genes, medications, and a lifetime of exposure to loud noises and other damaging factors as the causes. Some of the elderly are required to wear hearing aids so they can still live quality lives.

Eye Diseases
There are eye diseases associated with old age such as cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Cataract is the result of aging or injuries to the tissue in the lens, making the eyes cloudy. Macular degeneration is the deterioration of the part of the retina that becomes sensitive to the light. Glaucoma results from the damage to the optic nerve, and if not treated early, can lead to permanent blindness. Diabetic retinopathy is the result the damage to the blood vessels in retina caused by diabetes or uncontrolled and erratic blood glucose levels in the body.

Heart Diseases
Heart diseases are common among the elderly because of the development of high blood pressure and the risk posed by high cholesterol. Even when a person maintains a healthy lifestyle, there is always a risk of developing age-related problems in the cardiovascular system. Changes in the heart and the blood vessels affect the flow and distribution of the blood, nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body. Some changes associated with age include the following: the heart might increase in size, abnormal rhythms occur, the capillary walls in the blood vessels thicken, the reproduction of red blood cells and white blood cells are reduced, and the heart muscles degenerate.

Tips for Beginner Cosplayers

Cosplayers are no longer a small niche in fan groups, but are slowly being recognized for their art and creativity. A lot of artists, photographers (called cameko), and models are specializing in the field and even earn money from making costumes and doing photoshoots. As a result, newcomers in cosplaying are often intimidated by the talent of their fellow fans. Worry no more, because here are simple tips on how to become a cosplayer.

Who can Become a Cosplayer?
Anyone can cosplay. It doesn’t matter if the character you have chosen to imitate does not have the same gender, ethnic background, skin color, hair and eyes, or even language as yours. You can even change the gender of the character you’re cosplaying (it’s called gender-bending) as long as you keep the important features that distinguish the character from the others.

How to Choose a Character?
You don’t just randomly select a character to cosplay; you have to get to know the character first. That means you have to watch the TV series or movie(s) they were part of, read the books and comics/manga, play the video games, and take note of their mannerisms, language, and background. Cosplaying is similar to role-playing, and in this case, you will be giving life to a pre-made character. Researching about the character is important, so gather as much information as you can. It would be an advantage, however, if you’re cosplaying your favorite character because you’ll already be familiar with the expressions, movements, and signature lines and moves.

How to Create the Costume?
You will need a detailed visual guide for the costume complete with accessories, weapons, and makeup. Most cosplayers don’t buy pre-made outfits and instead create the outfits from scratch. You have to break down and list all the individual pieces you will need to complete the outfit to look as closely as possible as the character. If you’re planning to join competitions, it’s a great opportunity to use your artistic skills in creating costumes. For casual cosplayers, you can mix pre-made items with customized pieces. The most important thing is that the costume should fit you perfectly.

What to Do with Props?
Most cosplayers use lightweight materials for their costumes and props. If you’re planning to create an armor for example, the best materials to use are foam, plastic or wood which can be painted over. These are easy to transport to the convention and then store at home. Large pieces should be broken down into detachable smaller items so they can be brought easily and reassembled when needed.

What Should I Bring?
If it’s your first time attending a convention in Singapore, don’t forget to pack all your costumes and props neatly so that they can be easily assembled. Bring your sewing kit and glue gun for emergencies, extra clothes (including underwear), and other essentials so you can be as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, enjoy cosplaying!

Common Techniques on How to Get Your Eyebrows in Shape

When it comes to personal grooming, you have to decide at some point on how to keep your eyebrows prim and proper. There are a number of ways for you to keep your brows in shape, of which you may opt to do at home by making use of a set of tweezers or at an eyebrow grooming salon equipped with the latest threading and trimming trends.

Also known as the process of plucking your brows, this is one of the most common methods people use to shape their eyebrows. Plucking out the hairs on your brows doesn’t have to be difficult especially if you have the right set of tweezers. You need a sharp pair which can easily isolate individual strands to firmly grip them and remove them without failing.

If you’re wondering, the perfect time to tweeze your eyebrows is right after stepping out of the shower. Your skin will be notably pliant and soft during that time, helping you pluck with ease.

Eyebrow waxing is generally similar to the waxing procedure of the other hairy parts of the body, but since your eyebrows are considered a much more sensitive area — you need to be more delicate and precise in doing the process. It is better to get it done by a professional to avoid any mishaps, especially if you don’t have the slightest clue about eyebrow waxing.

Trimming your brow hair by waxing is considered better than mere tweezing because the hairs will take a longer time to grow back. You will also be left with a softer and smoother skin after the procedure.

Threading involves the use of a thin twine or a thread piece to grip and remove hairs on the brow one by one. The eyebrow threading process has been practiced since ages ago, notably in a number of Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It soon spanned a worldwide popularity because of its accuracy and painless nature.

It has to be done by someone who is well-versed and experienced in the practice, so your best option is to head to the nearest brow salon to have a threading. The whole experience is noted to be liberating as it leaves you with perfectly shaped brows.

Doing your brows in the morning can turn into a bothersome chore, especially if you’re doing it almost every day for years. One solution into shaping your brows without having to fill it in daily is through getting an eyebrow tattoo. A trained tattoo artist will draw your preferred brow shape which lasts for long stretches of time.

The tattoo doesn’t go as deep as the typical ones since it uses a less concentrated ink. Hence, you will need to go for a touch-up at least once a year as it is noted to fade eventually.

A Simple Guide on How to Properly Groom Your Brows

If you’re currently tight on budget to have your brows fixed at a salon or keen on learning how to groom your brows yourself, styling your brows at home is possible. This can actually be a perfect recreational activity to do over the weekends. Regardless, there is a high risk of mishaps in carrying out the process on your own, especially if it’s your first time to do it.

In order to reduce the possibility of failure and late regrets, here is a guide you must follow through in order to style your brows perfectly.

Brush your eyebrows
Often overlooked, it is actually beneficial for us to regularly brush our brows if we want to have stunning eyebrows that lay the way we desire them to. There are brow combs sold in Singapore which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes — but it is best to choose one which won’t potentially irritate your skin with their harshness. When brushing your eyebrows, always remember to start at the roots and brush following the hair growth’s direction.

Create your desired shape
Do a little research and figure out which brow shape is perfect for your facial structure. There are different arcs and angles suited to each face shape, and you might want to use that to your advantage to complement your look. Once you’ve determined your target brow arch, outline the shape using an eyebrow pencil and pluck the hairs that fall beyond the outline. You may also make use of an eyebrow stencil to assist you with the process.

Tweeze your brows
Plucking your eyebrows is one easy way to keep them in shape. This method is by far the easiest (compared to waxing or threading), and you may opt to do it at home with a pair of tweezers in hand! Tweezing is also a recommended technique in maintaining your brows since it gives you more control to prevent you from removing way too many hairs at one go. It is encouraged to use pointed tweezers in the process, since they are designed for precision and accuracy.

Fill them in
It is also important to add depth and color opacity to your brows, especially with those who have thin or naturally sparse eyebrows. You may make use of different makeup tools to achieve this. The most popular technique is by using an eyebrow pencil, which you can find in various department stores all over Singapore. It comes in different shades so make sure to choose one which matches your hair color. Other options include brow powder and brow pomade along with the use of an angled brush.

Buying the Right Kitchenware

Buying the right kitchenware may be a bit tricky without sufficient resources but this doesn’t mean that it is not possible. In fact, it is actually better to go for kitchenware within certain limitations rather than blindly purchasing random equipment which aren’t even worth it because they are either too expensive, or too cheap. Anyway, price isn’t everything and there are still a lot of different factors that will guide us into buying the perfect kitchenware.

Here are some of the guidelines you can follow if you are to purchase the perfect kitchenware:

1. Kitchen space
Some people forget to factor in the space within heir kitchen. This is actually very important to factor in because without knowing the exact amount of space your kitchen has, you might end up just adding clutter which will eventually become a nuisance instead of an asset.

2. Need or want
You should definitely refrain from purchasing things that aren’t even needed. Yeah it may be cool to have a couple of awesome gizmos here and there but never forget the basics. Once you know which kitchenware are you using, then maybe you could add a little more.

3. Budget
Set a budget for yourself and work around it. Setting a budge doesn’t mean going for a random number and finding kitchenware that fit that territory, setting a budget means being realistic about what to buy and what not to buy.

4. How often
Okay, just to be clear i you haven’t digested what we said in the need or want part of this article. A great way for you to be able to determine whether it is a need or a want would be to ask yourself how often do you actually use that piece of kitchenware, if you have never worked with a piece of kitchenware but are dying to add it into the kitchen, make sure to be realistic before, during, and after the purchase.

Stacking up your kitchen may be one of the most exciting things to do. The liberty of decorating your own place may be quite overwhelming and once you feel the pressure of filling up the blank space, this is usually when you panic and end up buying everything in a rush. Don’t let pressure be a factor when making a purchase. You might end up buying something you’ll regret later on.

Not everybody cooks, let’s face it. But for those of you who do, you understand the liberty of the feeling of having your own kitchen. Just like a dream finally coming into pieces as you slowly modify that sacred space into something which is not only fully functional but also something that makes you happy.

Hong Kong Roast in Singapore

Located at Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06/07 228210 Singapore. Now we’re guessing everyone knows the legend of the Michelin Star winning eatery but then again, it is a story worth repeating. Such an esteemed place where it’s history has greatly impacted the course of food around the world by paying homage and honoring Mr. Kam Shui Fai who contributed the amazing roasted goose to the world in 1942.

Now talk about history, not only does this place play a huge role in food today, it also had an influence in one of the greatest dishes invented. Anyway, let’s talk more about the place. Obviously if you’ve went to this place, you’ll know that the name of this place is called Kam’s Roast Goose which is once again named after Mr. Kam Shui Fai. Maybe the reason why this place is extremely popular or maybe why you know about this place is because of the fact that it won a Michelin Star just months after it opened.

Now, this couldn’t have been possible without the chef. Chef Wong Kwan Sang is responsible for the success of the restaurant as he has seen to it that the quality and presentation of each dish is done with the utmost standards making sure that every dish that leaves the kitchen is superb. Chef Wong Kwan Sang worked four decades at Yung Kee before leaving the restaurant to become head of the kitchen at Kam’s Roast. Those four decades of training really pulled off. In October of 2017, he finally moved to Singapore permanently to head the kitchen as he was only training the team before that decision.

Now the thing with Michelin Star restaurants is that you expect a great deal of outrageously amazing flavors that should come out of their food. Well, let’s take a look at their roasted duck. Although the meat is superb, it isn’t much elevated from the roasted duck you could get at your local hawker center. The thing that makes their duck stand out is their marinated soy beans and their special sauce. Although as expected they wouldn’t give any details about their recipe, all we know is that it takes five hours to cook the soy beans alone which is why not many restaurants do this.

Food plays a great part in our lives and to be able to a experience such amazing food is something we shouldn’t pass on. The opportunity to taste such rich and amazing food is something we must try at least once in our lives. The story behind Kam’s Roast Goose is an amazing story but what is even more amazing is their food. As all restaurants would say, let the food speak for itself.

How Does a Biometric Door Lock System Work?

The biometric door lock system is one of the various types of door access systems that use sophisticated hardware and software to enhance your home or your office’s security. Knowing how it works and how you can make the most out of the technology, however, can greatly enhance its benefits.

Let’s take a look at the ideas behind this innovative system.

Door Access Control System

Biometric is the general name for any lock system that uses advanced hardware and software other than traditional locks to keep out unauthorized personnel. What makes this system a sought-after product at in Singapore and ideal for almost any type of offices and businesses is that the features can be manipulated to do specific tasks and the system can be used in a public setting where there is high-traffic daily. Most of the door access control systems, such as the biometric door access system, uses electronic door locks and are also connected to other security, communication, and office systems such as intercom system, attendance and time monitoring, payroll and accounting, and human resources management systems.

These electronic door locks are also called keyless door locks because they use the access control and high-tech authentication methods other than traditional keys. For example, the pin access door system uses passwords as authentication, while card access door systems use smart cards or magnetic stripe cards. The biometric door access system on the other hand, uses biological features are methods of authentication, such as voice, fingerprint, and facial recognition.

Biometrics Technology

Biometrics refer to the measurements of the body and uses the idea that there are no identical body measurements among people. These measurements refer not only to the height, but also the distances between body features. Facial biometric for example, measures the position, shape, and distances of the nose, eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line. The scanner stores the collected data, and whenever a person’s features are scanned, these are compared and matched to the saved face data.

Advantages of Biometric Systems

Biometric door access systems in Singapore eliminates the hassle of the authentication methods used in traditional locks as well as in card access door and pin access door system. There is no need to bring keys, cards or remember passwords because the personnel will only use their biological features that are unique and difficult to copy.

Biometric systems also provide alternative key access in case of emergency, so there is no need to worry of there is a mechanical failure in the system. They also come with different features that will enhance your office and home security, plus they can be easily integrated with intercom system, human resource systems, management and accounting systems, and other security systems.

Secrets of Successful Coffee Cart Business Owners

It takes time to build success. Every business endeavor has to start small somewhere while on the lookout for possible setbacks and problems to solve along the way. Having your own breakthrough might take quite a while compared to your competitors – but don’t lose hope yet! The success of your mobile coffee cart endeavor lies on the effort and commitment you’re willing to make.

Even after hustling all day and night, success might take some more time to strive for. You might begin to wonder if there’s something off with your latte brew, or perhaps you need an immediate equipment upgrade to follow the trend. However, chances are, you’re not really doing anything wrong. Your mobile coffee business just needs some more time for it to fully kick off.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep an open mind regarding the signs you need to follow in steering your business into the right direction. You need to keep growing, just as your coffee push cart does. Opportunity exists everywhere. While people are quick to assume that the cutthroat business world offers no opportunity for those who are new in the industry, you’re actually good if you only know where to look for the right chances.

In short, you need to know how to do it right if you want to achieve huge success. This might involve expanding to other similar endeavors, such as coffee catering – which makes use of your coffee equipment to serve dozens of people at the same time. Versatility is an important trait to pick up on in the business world. Don’t limit yourself to serving only cappuccino, also offer other blends such as espresso and café mocha.

And since no man is an island, it also pays off to learn from other people who are already well-experienced and established in the mobile coffee cart industry. Here are some secrets from the most successful coffee cart business owners behind how they’ve managed to take their business endeavor into greater heights.

1. Create a solid business plan
By failing to plan beforehand, you are actually planning to fail. You need to come up with a concrete business plan before launching coffee catering from Singapore to guide yourself into the direction you want to steer your business into. Consider this the first step every mobile coffee cart owner must take to enjoy success over time. If you’re planning to seek funding from the bank, a solid business plan buys you more plus points into securing that loan. It’ll also help you focus on the necessary things you need to do, and motivate you to keep going forward.

A good business plan includes the following: vision, objectives and concrete goals, costings and projections, market and consumer analysis, products, and sales and marketing strategies.

2. Know your brews
If you don’t love coffee enough, it’ll be a long and winding road for your coffee cart to achieve success. Running a successful business requires passion in order for your endeavors to reach its full potential. It all boils down on fully understanding the process behind brewing that perfect cup of coffee. You need to ensure the brew is consistently good to satisfy your customers and make them regularly come back for more.

Take advantage of your machine and equipment. Ask technicians to teach you how to get the best results and brews – and don’t hesitate to practice! Gaining knowledge can only do so much.

3. Invest on good marketing
For your coffee cart to reach more potential customers, people need to know it exists in the first place. Your cart must be noticeable enough to catch their attention every time they pass by on their way to the office, or know about it through posters or flyers. Marketing your coffee business to the right people is one foolproof tip to ensure that your coffee cart will be a success. If you’re open to the idea of coffee catering as well, make sure people know.

Now that we live in the age of social media, you can also take advantage of content marketing and social media campaigns to market your business. Building a solid customer base can make them come back for more brews often. Spend time in choosing a good marketing strategy that works for you.

4. Systemize your business
In streamlining your coffee cart business, it is encouraged to think of effective systems to which you can adapt and follow in the long run. This means finding out the most efficient way to do something – which in this case is serving coffee to a large number of customers, and repeating the process without fail every single time. This helps in maximizing your potential profit margins.

The help of machines isn’t enough. While it makes the whole process easier, you still need to allocate time and commit yourself into being hands-on with your mobile coffee cart.

5. Enjoy what you’re doing
Confucius said it best in his iconic adage, as choosing a job which you truly love is like never working a day in your entire life. Stressful times are inevitable in any business. Problems and issues will certainly arise at some point, but don’t get disheartened! Just remember why you ventured into the coffee business in the first place.

Doing something you’re passionate about cannot be bought by money. Remember that we only have one life to live – why not make the most out of it by enjoying what we do? Have fun, enjoy what you’re doing, and feed yourself with the immense passion you have for serving a good cup of coffee.