4 Common Characteristics of Dreams

Dreams are as interesting as they are puzzling! Though it has fascinated many individuals of different fields, serious scientific studies on dreams came in later compared to other aspects of the mind. For one, it’s been found that even though they may vary in many ways, there are some pretty common characteristics shared in dreams! Here are only some of them. 

They are quite hard to remember

Technically, everybody dreams. There are some people who claim that they don’t, but it’s actually because they simply can’t remember! And even if you do remember, you actually don’t recall all that much. It has been found that we dream for about 2 hours and we really don’t remember everything that happens in that period. So, don’t dwell too much on not remembering your dreams! It’s a natural characteristic, it happens to everyone, and there’s nothing you should be worried about.

Dreams are illogical

Another major characteristic of dreams is that they are usually illogical and disorganized. They can be inconsistent in terms of setting, characters, and topics. One minute you’re in your school and the next you’re already flying above Singapore. Or maybe objects transform from one thing to another, even loved ones who have passed away may be present. Of course, when you dream, natural laws don’t apply! Although, you will obviously still have dreams wherein nothing weird or unnatural is happening. Even then, you may experience ambiguities and bizarre things from time to time.

You will often experience intense emotions

One of the most common dreams shared between people is the dream of being chased by an aggressor. The intensity of such dreams even wakes the individual up abruptly in some cases. Anxiety, sadness, and fear are actually common emotions that are intensified when we are dreaming. This is a big reason why you have dreams that make you shed a tear or get you to cry full-on. Of course, you may have dreams that get you excited or make you really happy as well.   

Our brains don’t have any trouble processing odd dreams

In connection to the point about dreams being illogical, our brains don’t have any problems with that at all. Even if you’re flying in your dream or your hands suddenly transform into crab pincers, your brain will process it as if it’s normal ordinary information. It is said that this is because our perceptions and emotions are stronger when we are in a dreaming state. If you do remember the dream as you wake up, only then will you think of it as odd and unnatural. Meaning, you only process all those strange info when you’re already conscious.

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