Why You Should Call a Locksmith Service Instead of Picking Your House Lock Yourself

When you get locked out of your house or your car, you may be tempted to break yourself in. But when you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily cause more problems than what you’re trying to solve.

Here’s why it’s better to leave it to a locksmith services in Singapore to break you in should you happen to have a problem with your locks and/or keys:

1. You avoid looking suspicious.
No one wants to look suspicious when doing anything, especially when they’re trying to break into their own home or car because they forgot to bring their keys along with them. However, when you do try unlock car doors or your own home, you will still get suspicious looks.

The good news is that you can easily avoid these kinds of embarrassing moments by simply calling a locksmith service in Singapore when you need help to open door. For this reason, there are many 24 hour locksmith companies that can provide key duplication or replacement any time of day.

2. Their services are confidential.
Locksmith services make sure to keep everything as private and confidential as possible, whether you need to unlock the door to your HDB flat or unlock car doors if you’re in a hurry to get to work.

But the downside to this is that once the locksmith arrives, he/she may ask for your identification. This is needed to verify that that is indeed your address, and not simply someone trying to break into someone else’s home or car.

3. They can break you in without breaking your lock.
Professional locksmiths are able to work locks without breaking them, unlock biometric door, as well as so much more. If your door access machine failed or you managed to break your lock by accident, these Singapore locksmiths also provide a lock installation service and replacement service, as well as fix broken locks that can still be saved. A 24 hour locksmith can be of assistance in case of these emergencies.

Whether you need a key maker in order to duplicate a key, or even a way to repair a lock after you tried to break yourself into your own home, a locksmith can help you out.

Additionally, a locksmith can even install security systems to make your home safer and prevent would-be burglars from trying to pick your locks when you’re not around.

Call a Locksmith for Your Home Today!
Stuck without your house keys? Need a car locksmith to get your car key un-jammed? Need a cheap locksmith that provides quality services? Well, look no further.

There are all kinds of problems you can encounter with your locks and keys that you can’t solve when you try to unpick your lock on your own, but with a professional helping you out, you can say goodbye to these inconveniences for good.

So what are you waiting for? Call a locksmith services to fix all your lock and security problems today!

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

Guide in Choosing and Hiring a Locksmith for your Home

Choosing and hiring a locksmith in Singapore is not that easy to do. It’s important that you choose the locksmith that you will hire with extreme care and caution since you’re giving that person the authority to come in and out of your home.


So to ensure the safety of your home and your family, here are some things that you should to consider when it comes to choosing and hiring one.

1. Check the person’s background
If you already have a prospective locksmith in mind, ask him for some references in his past jobs. Aside from personally asking the www.prosmith.com.sg Singapore locksmith for some information, you can also go to some professionals in Singapore that handles information about locksmiths and have the information checked there. You can also conduct an interview with your chosen locksmith and ask some questions about the services that he and his company can offer.

Another good way for you to check about the person’s background and work profile is by visiting agencies that is handling your locksmith. This can help you in evaluating the possible problems that you might encounter with them.

2. Ask about their credentials or bonds
This is one of the important things that you should check first before you hire a locksmith. A locksmith becomes bonded after some background checks and criminal checks were done to him in the security agencies in Singapore. Having a locksmith that has a bond ensures the consumer that the person can be trusted. Aside from the bonds, you should also check the credentials of your locksmith. Valid credentials are often given by locksmith agencies in Singapore.


3. Guarantee that they are insured
Aside from the credentials and bonds of a locksmith Singapore, its insurance is one thing that you should check with your locksmith. Never hire a locksmith that can’t produce any documents that can assure you that they are insured. Locksmiths use the said insurance to cover the business if ever an accident occurs and damages your property. Working with an insured locksmith can help in making you feel safer and at ease.

4. Inquire about their services
Ask your locksmith about the kind of service that their company can possibly offer. You can test their service by making them set up some security locks in your house and still having the preference to request for emergency services when needed. Also, check if the locksmith Singapore company or agency that you’re dealing with can still offer their services even after their working hours.

Moreover, you should always keep in mind to constantly make transactions with the same company in every single locksmith that you plan to hire since this can help in establishing a good relationship with the company and could result in getting better services from them and even some discounts on their pricing.


There are a lot of things that you should consider before getting a locksmith to secure your home. Conduct a thorough investigation on the locksmith that you’re planning to hire before you go and entrust your home and your life to him.