New Year Leftover Tips  


The celebrations will not be over at least after New Year. Singaporeans love New Year and welcome it with a bash. Parties are everywhere and it is only a matter of picking which one to attend. However, the real essence of New Year is welcoming another year and hoping it would be better than the previous year together with the family.


Despite the attractive parties you are invited, choosing to be with the family is a better choice. The preparations are all set and the merriment comes next. When everything is finished, you are left with one dilemma – what to do with the leftover? You cannot just throw it after all it is in your bucketlist not to waste food.

This article will help you dispense unpleasant thoughts of throwing leftover food. Here are some tips that you can consider when dealing with leftovers:

  • Cool them first: Leftovers can still be eaten if it is properly stored. It is important that you store it properly to prevent spoilage. The best thing to do is cool them first before securing it in a container and off to the refrigerator. You need to cool it for at least one to two hours and put it in the freezer.
  • Split it into smaller portions: If you have more than one type of leftover food, it would hasten the cooling if you split it into smaller portions. If you put it in smaller portions or containers, it will be easy to defrost plus convenient to get what you need for future use.
  • Know the timetable: You can still eat meat leftovers within two days after it was cooked and one day for rice dishes.


  • Make sure to defrost it first before reheating: When you use the leftovers, you have to make sure that you defrost them in the fridge overnight before reheating it .This is to ensure that the meat will not suffer sudden drop of temperature which is enticing for bacteria.
  • Make something out of it: It is possible to make something out of the leftover. For instance, you can make a curry or casserole out of the turkey. After cooking a new meal, it is okay to freeze it if there are more left.
  • Do not put in room temperature for too long: If there are more visitors coming, do not take the food out of the refrigerator yet. After consuming, it is okay to place it back in the refrigerator within an hour.

Leftovers should not be dispensed instantly because it can still be of great use.


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