6 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

A study was made on the probable shortage of water in the future due to many factors especially climate change.
Use of water is basic. We are well aware of that. We need it in our everyday living like for drinking not to mention our necessary 8 full glasses a day; for cooking; for washing; for food preservation; for cleaning; for growing plants and animals; for hydrothermal plants; and more.

If we equate it to the number of users we need the statistics on the growing population. Come the law of supply and demand where there is high demand the less the supply. In addition, wastage in usage also marks the line.
So to keep this precious commodity just within reach, here are ways to conserve water:

1. Use just enough water in brushing your teeth – turn off the tap. Usually, when brushing your teeth, the tap continues to flow. Who can not relate? But it’s time to stop this practice. Better if you fill a glass of water and finish brushing. Basically, you can use at least 2-3 glasses only compared to the continuing flow of the tap water while brushing.

2. Sing the birthday song – turn off the tap. In washing your hand, hum or sing the birthday song while washing your hand with soap and water. Turn off the tap while doing this. It is clinically proven that the duration of the birthday song when washing your hands will give you a clean pair of hands, free from germs and free radicals.

3. Check and fix your leaks. Avoid big maintenance problems at home by regularly checking your water tubes and drainage for leaks. Early prevention will save you from big expenses when these leaks become a major concern.

4. Recycle rain water. You may install a rain barrel to save rain water. You may use this water to wash clothes and water your garden plants. Rain water is also good for washing your hair as it will give it a softening effect and conditioning. Rain water is also good for bathing your pets. You may also use it for washing your working lawn areas at home. After a few weeks, you will lower your water bill too.

5. Rinse wisely; use recycled water. During washing of clothes, don’t just throw the water from first to third rinse. Use the water for your front lawn or for watering your garden plants. This water can also be used for cleaning and washing of cars.

6. Use a small basin in the sink. In washing of the dishes, you may use a small basin in the sink to gather water for rinsing the next dishes even if the tap is on. This also helps make your task faster.

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