Sleeping Without Underwear: Why It’s Good for You

Sleep is very important in the conduct of our daily lives. Without it, energy lost will not be replenished and it can translate to lower productivity and changed mood. We do not like this therefore we should do our best to give ourselves the rest we deserve. If you have troubles sleeping, there are different things that you can consider.


For example, when sleeping, forget about television or mobile phone so it can be conducive. If it is not enough, you can drink milk or take a hot shower. We do things to sleep comfortably but sometimes our attempts become futile because of different factors surrounding us. We should not stop. We have to continuously explore and eventually discover things that can lead us to a fine slumber.

In this case, have you tried sleeping without underwear? This is not a good idea for many Singaporeans but you have to believe when experts say that wearing such during sleep is actually bad for your health. D. Alyssa Dweck, a gynaecologist said that wearing underwear or pants in bed can actually increase the person’s risk of infection.

Going to sleep without underwear is bold but it has scientific evidence that it can do good to your health. If the groin is always covered (by fabric), it encouraged moisture. You have to know that moisture is the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.


If you cannot do it without underwear but you are worried about the moisture, choose a specific fabric. You have to look absorbent or moisture-wicking fabrics. If you cannot find one, it is time to look for “granny panties”. These panties are loose.

For men, Dr. Brian Steixner of the Jersey Urology Group also said that wearing underwear can lead to fertility problems. Men should have the right temperature to optimize sperm production and wearing underwear does not encourage optimization of sperm.

Same with women, if men do not approve of not wearing underwear at night, they should at least choose loose-fitting briefs to give the private area space and a little bit of air to keep away from moisture.

You have to know that letting all body parts – including private ones air dry can be helpful. It is also hygienic. The good thing is that there are many fabrics in the market if you are not comfortable of not wearing anything. Choose fabrics that are good for your private areas and think of the moisture and infection when choosing.


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