Professional Painting Process

Is your apartment in need of an overhaul? Or are you moving into a new condo in Singapore, but you don’t like the interior house painting? Looking for a good painting contractor in Singapore can be a hassle especially if you have no idea whatsoever about the process and how long it will take until you can move back in to your home. Read on, because this guide will be able to help you find the best painting services company in country.

Painting Process
The first step in looking for a commercial painting contractor is understanding what goes through the process of completing an HDB painting service for small residential units. The contractor will explain to you how long the project will last based on the assessment of the apartment and the effect that you want to achieve. The best painter in Singapore will first take a tour of the interior of the house to note down what needs to be done first, such as touch up paint on cracked ceiling, before full condo painting can commence.

1. Protection. Depending in your arrangement with the commercial painting service crew, you and your family can still stay at home while the renovation is ongoing. If this is the case, the painters will have to make sure not to damage any furniture, appliance, and surface during the project. The painting will be done room by room or section by section. Preparation of the house includes covering surfaces that do not have to be painted.

If you have a lot of items at home, the HDB painting contractor might recommend renting a storage or warehouse to temporarily store them. Condo painting professionals use drop cloths and sturdy plastic to protect surfaces. Curtain rods and other wall accessories are also removed if they can be detached, but baseboards and window and door trims should be covered. This is also the right time to decide which type of paint you would like to determine the cost of paint and negotiate with the best condominium wall painter in Singapore for the labor and other painting services.

2. Preparation. The next step in condo painting is to “prep” or prepare the surfaces that will be painted. You cannot just paint the wall right away even if it looks even and smooth. When you hire a painter, he will also assess the condition of the walls and ceilings to determine if it needs to be patched up or replaced. The painter will work in one are of the house at a time to make the job more systematic without having to interfere with the daily activities of the occupants if you choose to stay during the renovation. First, they will patch up any holes or damage on the surface. You might be surprised to find out that even in well-maintained homes, there are problems that can be easily overlooked. Next, the walls or ceiling will be sanded to make the surface even. This will remove drips, bumps, and runs. Finally, caulking is done to make sure there are no holes, dings, and nicks left especially if it had been previously done by a cheap house painting service.

3. Painting. Once the surfaces are taped and sealed, the painter can finally start painting the walls and ceilings. In most jobs, priming is done first before the first coat of paint is applied. Usually, the painting services company will start on the ceiling first before painting on the trims and walls to minimize drips on the floor and walls. This will avoid the unsightly mixing of different paint colours where the wall and ceiling meet.

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