No to Divorce: Making Marriage Last a Lifetime

According to statistics, more Singaporeans got married last year than there were who got divorced. Indeed, a great news for all the couples out there and those who are like me that are hopeful about finding their one true love, but still if you are going to look at in numbers, 7,241 divorces were filed last year compared to 27,936 marriages. This just means that the divorce rate in Singapore are still disappointingly high, considering that in every 4 Singaporean marriages, 1 of it ends up in divorce.


Singaporean Demographic Profiles of Couples Who Are at Risk

  • Couples who were married at a young age
  • Couples that are  both well educated
  • Couples who have young children
  • Couples who are  both working, especially if the wife gets  the higher pay
  • Couples that are  married for  10 years or more

Singaporean Interaction Profiles of Couples Who Are at Risk

  • Couples  with no communication
  • Physically abuse of the wife/husband
  • Couples who always argue, particularly about mother- and father-in-law issues
  • Couples  who are  always away from each other
  • Feeling that the husband/wife doesn’t love him/her  anymore
  • Downbeat feelings about the marriage


Ways to Make a Marriage Last Longer

When at risk, couples should take these advices whole heartedly to prevent divorce from happening. These advices include the following:

  • Make sure that before getting married, both of you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially ready. Marriage is not all about love; it needs a lot of hard work to become a success.
  • Always make ample time for each other. Before going to bed make time to talk about anything. You two should always be updated of what’s happening in your both careers, family, friends and a lot more. Make it a point that in a week you spend a day together. That will make a big difference in your relationship.
  • Respect for each other should always be there no matter what. Even if you are angry or pissed with your wife or husband, you should not hurt her physically or psychologically. There are a lot of reasons that somehow respecting your partner will be a challenge for you but you have to control yourself and think right all the time.
  • Better trust each other. You can’t have a desirable relationship with a man or a woman you can’t trust.  Everything that you both share intimately should always be between just the two of you.
  • Make your partner feel loved, appreciated and valued.  As simple as complimenting each other’s work is something to make him/her feel appreciated. Saying I love you always to your partner makes both of your hearts pleased.
  • There should always be forgiveness. People commit mistakes and, as someone that will be with your partner, your forgiveness should always be there.

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