Make Your Monday Feel Like Saturday With These Tricks!


Most of us will agree that Monday is the worst day of the week (and we’ve got the Sunday night blues to prove it). However, it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. You’ll face weekdays a lot easier if you learn how to love the beginning of the week. Easier said than done? Here are a few tricks to make your Monday—and the rest of week—feel like Saturday.

  1. Bring a Weekend Habit Into the Week

You don’t have to save all the fun stuff for the weekend. While a night parties certainly is appropriate for Friday nights, dinner with friends or yoga session with girls in the office can be done after work hours. Doing something on a Monday that allows you for some fun will make you look forward to begin the week instead of hating it.

  1. Wake Up Early

Weekend mornings are the best because you don’t have to rush yourself on doing things. On weekdays, mornings tend to be rushed. To emulate relaxed Saturday mornings, wake-up a bit earlier. Not as much as an hour early; just enough for you to enjoy your coffee, take a relaxing shower or even lounge around.

  1. Do Some Preparation During the Weekend

One of the reasons why Mondays are overwhelming is because we’re overloaded with work, from choosing an outfit to answering emails. To avoid the chaos, dedicate an hour of your Sunday to plan for your outfit and meals for Monday—or for an entire week—and do some light works like clearing you email of junk mails. This enables you to start your week smoothly and make your Mondays less hectic.

  1. Make a To-Do List

Let’s face it, Mondays have the tendency to make us to more things than we’re capable of. Take a moment to pause, and prioritize what needs to be done. Before Monday comes, make a to-do list to keep you guided of what needs to be done first. As much as possible, avoid multi-tasking, work through your tasks one thing at a time.

  1. Be Nice

Human as we are, we get easily carried away on how much Mondays make us feel. Sometimes, we end up starting the week grumpy and forget that it’s Monday for everyone else as well. By treating your colleagues, clients and everyone around you nicely, you’ll make other people’s Monday a bit better, and in return make you feel good and encourage positivity on others, too.

Whether you crawl back in bed or own it like a boss, Monday is going to come and go. Maybe you won’t be excited for it, but there are things you can do to make the day a gateway to a successful week rather than just another step of a long march to the next weekend.

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