How to Save Up For That Dream Vacation  

Dreaming of a month-long vacation in the romantic sights of Paris or a week-long getaway in the green pastures of Ireland? How about a quick island getaway in Pulau Pangkor or Pulau Tioman? Wherever it is you plan to go, it is certainly possible if you prepare for it ahead of time. Here are some tips we want to share with you to make that dream vacation of yours come true.


  1. Pick a Place and Commit to It

Travel plans can be changed in an instant, but if you keep switching destinations, you won’t get anything started. Before you know it, the year is almost over and you’re nowhere closer to your goal.

  1. Subscribe to Travel Sites

Even if you have already secured a good amount of money for your vacation, still be on the lookout for great discounts and cheap promos. Regularly check websites of airlines, hotels, and travel agencies or subscribe for newsletters to get notifications of ongoing promos.

  1. Start a Travel Fund

If you haven’t started an account yet that’s dedicated for your travels, start doing so. Make sure to separate it from your regular savings account, but still contribute to both funds regularly. The best way to do this is to set up automatic deductions from your checking account into your savings accounts.


  1. Come Up With a Budget Plan

Do the necessary research to find out how much your trip would probably cost. Consider all necessary expenses, such as the travel, accommodation, food, activities, shopping, and souvenirs. Keep in mind that most of your travel expenses include how to get to your destination and how you’ll get around the place. Also, a contingency fund should never be disregarded.

  1. Cut Back On Everyday Expenses

How is it possible to save up for your travel? Make conscious decisions about your spending habits. When saving up, there’s no need to deprive yourself of some indulgences; or else you’ll find yourself craving for more of these things and give in to it one day in a more costly way. Make savings more fun and easier with a reward system. Make a clear target amount and once you accomplish it, reward yourself with something good—but still reasonable.

For now, it might seem that your dream vacation is forever away, but with proper planning and wise saving you’ll have that holiday escapade sooner than you ever have imagined.


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