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There are people who cannot afford Smartphones but that does not mean that they should be left behind. For people who cannot afford Smartphones, they can now enjoy services that was once only offered for Smartphones. U2opia Mobile offers Fonetwish. This mobile phone is so powerful that people can access Twitter without internet access.

Other Services

For Singaporeans who do not have internet access on their phone, they can look forward to using Twitter. In the first quarter of 2013, U2opia Mobile will launch Twitter as one of their services. Users only need to dial a code and viola – they can get the latest trending topics on Twitter. Apart from Twitter, U2opia Mobile offers other services like Google Talk and Facebook.

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U2opia Mobile is proud of their technology called USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). USSD will screen videos, pictures and graphics. The mobile phone is equipped with this technology so when you access Twitter, Google Talk and Facebook, only text will be presented. People without internet access can now peek Twitter, Google Talk and Facebook.

Market Presence

To date, there are about eleven million users of Fonetwish and it will continue to rise. It targets emerging markets. U2opia Mobile is present in thirty markets that feature 7 foreign languages. What makes it special is that it localizes the feeds depending on the locality of the user. The biggest markets of U2opia include South America and Africa. U2opia is also eyeing different telecom carriers like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

You should look forward for this new venture. You can now access Twitter without buying a Smartphone. You will know the trend and you will be updated. Have fun!

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