Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the right web hosting provider is just a matter of identifying your needs and looking for a provider who specializes on those requirements. There’s no need for you to master every provider’s features and options. HostMerlion is one of the cheap web hosting sites in Singapore that offers 24/7 support to all their clients. These Singapore-based hosting sites have catered hundreds of thousands of clients across the world. However, aside from the price, there are other more qualities you have to keep in mind in choosing the right web host provider.

1. Uptime Reliability
Uptime is the period that the server has been operational. Most web hosting provider claims and brags about their server uptime of 99%. It is important that your provider stays functional 24/7. But keep in mind that even the 99.99% uptime still goes down more than 8 hours a year. So, it is still acceptable to experience rare downtimes in the course of site handling. In the search for a website host, remember that the more “nine” the hosting provider offers (99.9% vs. 99.99%) the pricier it gets.

2. Customer Support
You need a provider that can offer exceptional customer support. A Singapore professional web hosting company can offer 24/7 “live” support. If the “live” support personnel are away or busy, the customers should still have access to a comprehensive knowledge base. Intuitive FAQs and flash tutorials as well as toll-free phone and email support should all be included in the support offered by your website and email hosting company. Remember that lesser customer support services mean fewer numbers of patrons. If you have less number of patrons, you’ll also have lesser profit, members, and reputation.

3. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the total amount of data that is passed to the Singapore customers from your website. Hosting providers charge their clients according to the amount of bandwidth needed for their site. When choosing your Singapore web hosting provider, ask your web hosting provider like host merlion singapore if they have enough to accommodate all your customers who wants to view the site and what will happen if the allotted bandwidth exceeds or reaches its limit.

4. Disk Space
Disk space is the space size allotted for your website. Some Singapore web hosting providers offer a specific amount of space for a cost, while there are also some that offer unlimited space in an affordable rate. Cheaper disk space rates are mostly common in shared hosting server, which hosts multiple websites that share a single memory, disk space, and Internet. Whichever you prefer using, make sure to purchase 20% more than what you need to allow space expansion as your business grows.

When choosing a web host provider, it is best to make use of whatever you have as of the moment. If you still have an existing hosting web account, you don’t have to get a new and better one. Improve by expanding and making use of a shared hosting server instead of the dedicated one. Sharing with other websites will make you save up for a more efficient and reliable web hosting provider.