Beat The Summer Heat!

5 Cool Drinks and Foods to Keep You Hydrated This Summer
Staying hydrated is always a great idea, especially now that the summer temperature is rising up. But how can you ensure that you stay hydrated this whole summer season if drinking at least eight cups of water daily is not your thing? Curious enough? Well, here are other ways on how you can get your hydration fix on this scorching hot summer season.


  1. Flavoured Waters

Almost all of us know someone who can’t stand drinking water. It’s true that water can really get dull after some time, but you can now spice up the boring drink by adding some natural flavour in it like a zest of lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, lavender and cayenne. Not only will you stay hydrated with this drink, you’ll also get special health bonuses like drinking a glass full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

  1. Smoothie Bites

Another great way to get your hydration fix this summer is through making some smoothie bites. All you’ve got to do is blend you favourite fruits together, pour it into an ice cube tray, freeze them and pop them in your drink. For a refreshing smoothie bite start, try the fruity combo of pineapple, mango and coconut water.

  1. Green Juices


If you haven’t tried a green juice yet, then it’s probably time to experience and see what the green juice hype is all about. For starters, try out the green juice made from apple, celery, kale, spinach and parsley then pair it with a bowl of raw almonds for that perfect afternoon snack.

  1. Oatmeal Bowls

Although it may not look like it, oats are actually hydrating. They tend to soak up the milk or water they’re cooked in, making them rich in water. But if you’re not into hot oats, try out a cold oatmeal bowl topped with berries and bananas for breakfast. All you’ve got to do is add some water to your uncooked oats and keep the in the fridge overnight. In the morning, top your cold oats with some freshly cut fruits and almond butter for a delicious and balanced breakfast meal.

  1. Summer Soup

Soup is definitely the last thing you’d want to eat during summer season, but wait until you’ve tasted some cold soup. We promise, it tastes a lot better than it sounds and is one of the ideal summer hydration alternatives. Two of the must-try cold summer soup are the creamy gazpacho or avocado soup. Up the nutrient and water content of your gazpacho soup by adding more veggies. If you’re all in for the avocado soup, just blend some scallions, avocado, cucumber, veggie broth, and presto – you now have a creamy avocado soup.

With these easy-to-do and cool alternatives for your hydration fix, you no longer have an excuse to fall behind on your 8-cups-8-ounce rule this summer. So start drinking up now and soak the summer heat with these tasty drinks.


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