What to Do When We Run out of Ideas?  


In every endeavour we find ourselves in, there will come a time that we will run out of ideas. That is natural but we need to quickly regain it before we lose interest. We have to accept first that there is always a need for fresh ideas and perspectives regardless of the field.


What do we do when we run out of ideas? The good news is that we are not alone and we can implore the help of other people. Let us explore the things to do when we run out of ideas:

  • Expose ourselves to new ideas: There are times that fresh and bright ideas come to us in fleeting moments but we tell ourselves that these ideas were not so great in the first place. As a result, we forget these ideas and do not realize its potential. When we think that that idea can influence our work, there is nothing wrong to take a note and refer to it in the near future. Our smartphones can help us with the jotting.
  • Seek new perspectives: Sometimes we need to go out and see what the world offers. We should not be imprisoned in our office and think of new perspectives. We should go out and see the world. Who knows we can stumble upon ideas for our next story or creative businesses presentation.


  • Ask for feedback: If we are confused or bemused, we can ask for feedback – that is constructive criticism. It will do the trick. If we ask for feedback, we have to approach someone with no other agenda but to help us.
  • Create our first draft: The first draft will surely lead to the second, third and the final draft. We should not underestimate the power of first drafts no matter how vague or dirty it is.
  • Try brainstorming tools: If we do not want to wait for an idea, then there is no choice but to force them out from us. There is no use to wait for flashes of inspiration especially if we are lacking time. There are different tools that we can consider when brainstorming like paper and pen.
  • Consider collaborative exercises: Considering collaborative exercises are fun and memorable. With the help of our colleagues, we can surely think of fresh ideas.

Singapore is powered by fresh ideas. We are where we are because people with fresh and bright ideas made it happen. It is time that we contribute something for a better Singapore so, whenever we run out of ideas, we should remember the things mentioned above and we will see the difference.


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