Tie the Knot: Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Deciding to settle down should be thought a million times. We should be true to our words when we face the altar or the judge. The lifelong commitment begins with the wedding. Many people say that the wedding does not define the whole of marriage but for others, a good start is essential. Whether we choose a simple or an extravagant wedding, the thought of doing the ceremony and sharing our happiness to all can make a difference.


Planning for our dream wedding is rather challenging because we have to make things happen. We don’t have to worry if we plan to hire somebody but for the fun of it, let’s do things our way because after all, it is our wedding. We can start by doing the following things:

Find our inspiration

Finding the inspiration is the start. By inspiration, it means the theme or the overall idea of our wedding. We can start by skimming wedding articles and magazines. If there is something that we like, we should note it so we can incorporate it in the wedding.

Determine our budget

This is the critical part because it will serve as our basis. We should make sure not to spend all our savings.

Start with the guest list

We should identify significant people that we want to invite. We should not forget our wedding entourage. If we send an invitation, we should make sure it contains the venue, time and place.


Find someone to officiate the wedding

Whether we want a judge or a priest, we should book them and make sure they confirm.

Make enquiries for bands, florists, caterers and photographer/videographer

Of course we need to entertain our guests so we have to look for a band or a singer. Flowers should be present as well. We can hire florists to make flower arrangements. Moreover we should hire someone that will account everything so photographer/ videographer should be present. More importantly, foods and drinks should abound. We need good caterers.

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