Laws That You Might Not Know About Singapore

Singapore is named as the “Fine City” because of the laws that they’ve imposed which talks about the care of the environment. Banning of chewing gum in the country is one law that is strictly imposed. Also, urinating in public restrooms without flushing is illegal. They are also called the “Fine City” because of their low crime rate compared to other countries. However, you will find the place literally a city of “Fine” because of the penalties that is given to every violator of the law.


Places to Avoid Smoking

Almost all country in the world prohibits smoking in public areas. In Singapore, smoking is banned almost in all areas in the country which includes offices, shops and other non-air-conditioned places. Also, places such as playgrounds, playing courts, fitness quarters, multi-purpose halls, walkways hospitals, pedestrian bridges and limited areas in residential places.


World-Class Device to Easily Caught Violators

While leaving the toilets not flushed is illegal, urinating especially in elevators is strictly prohibited. Authorities have problems with people who are urinating inside the elevator before. But after the law was implemented, a lot of people are disciplined because of the strict implementation of the law. To easily caught violators, authorities use UDD or a Urine Detection Device. This device identifies the smell of the urine and when the machine detects any smell, you will be lock down on the elevator and the alarm will be turned. It will only be opened until the police come to arrest you.

There are a lot of laws that Singapore imposes. All of them have heavy penalties as well as fines. So better obey the laws and be good.



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