Guidelines to Make an Introductory Paragraph for News

Many writers say that creating the introductory paragraph is the most challenging yet difficult part in constructing a news article. However, there are techniques to follow in order to easily write the first paragraph of the story.


Types of First Paragraphs in News

There are classes of introductory lines in a news. These are:

  • Descriptive – Here, the first paragraph answers all! questions which are Who, What, Where, When, Which and How.
  • Punch – This is among the shortest type of introductions. Ex. The President is Dead.
  • Picture- Instead of showing the entire photo, you can describe the picture as the first like I’m your news.

Actually there are a lot of them. The above-mentioned types of first paragraphs the most commonly used by news writer in print.


Techniques in Writing Intro Paragraph

The more the intro paragraph is short, the more it is acceptable. Also, it needs to be concise so that it would be easily understood by the readers and will continue reading the article.

  • It must be written in a way thay readers would feel that there is no bias in the story.
  • It must be avoided to write words which are not actually important for the story. For instance, “In the middle of the night”  there was a monstrous, wild and scary rhinoceros in the garden.
  • Make an introduaction that will make the reader be interested. By doing this, there is a chance that readers would continue reading the whole news.


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