First Date Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy

In a perfect world, first date would be so easy. Unfortunately, we are not living in a perfect world and first dates are like a bastion of distress for most of us. So lessen the awkward and stress factor in your first dating experience by avoiding asking these questions at all cost.


  1. “Do you believe in God?”

It’s never a good idea to bring up topics about religion on a first date, unless your religious beliefs would likely affect who you’d choose to go out with. Asking this question on your first date can go wrong in a lot of different ways. He might feel judged if you happen to have different religious beliefs, or he might link your question to the kind of person you are. Instead of talking about religion, find out your common grounds on lighter topics like favourite foods or personal interests.

  1. “What was your ex-girlfriend like?”

Surely, you wouldn’t want him to think about his previous love. So regardless of how curious you are, avoid discussing his past relationships and don’t turn your date into an interrogation. Also, avoid uncovering his faults and just enjoy discovering the kind of fun and connection you’re having with the person.


  1. “How many kids do you want?”

Regardless of how important having a family is to you, never ever assume that every guy would want to get married and have kids. Mentioning anything that you want in your future will only scare him off. Instead, get a clear idea about your compatibility first, then think of forming some kind of commitment with him before you start discussing such topics.

  1. “What’s your annual salary?”

While it’s alright to ask him about what he does for a living, directly asking him about his income is not. Asking this question during your first date will only make him think that you’re just interested in his money, and trust me, being materialistic isn’t attractive when you’re still a complete stranger to him. So drop off this question, and never bring up salary or money-related concerns in your date as it’ll only leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

Apart from being exciting, first dates are usually stressful. So lessen the stress between you and your date by steering clear from these questions – and you might even end up landing a good relationship.


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