Facts About Digital Eye Strain  

The digital age has its perks but we have to be wary about its long-term effects when it comes to our health especially our eyes. For Singaporeans who spend most of their time in front of computers and other screens, they might encounter digital eye strain.


Vision Council recently concluded its studies about digital eye strain. According to the council, one third of the population spend at least 9 hours in front of digital devices. 60% of this population is vulnerable to digital eye strain. Digital eye strain refers to the eye strain instigated by staring at digital devices for long periods.

If we are not familiar about digital eye strain, here are some truths about it:

  • Symptoms: Symptoms include irritated eyes. If we notice that our eyes are uncomfortable characterized by redness and dryness, we have to see our ophthalmologist. Other symptoms include blurry vision, headaches and back and neck pains. There are many doctors here in Singapore that specializes in eyes. We should immediately consult them.


  • Prevention: It was emphasized earlier that prolonged exposure to digital screens lead to digital eye strain. We can conclude that if we spend less hours of staring on digital screens, we lessen our risks of acquiring such. If it cannot be helped, we have to secure computer lenses and adjust display settings.

Vision Council is also advocating the “20-20-20 habit” – every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds break and look at anything 20 feet away. This will help us protect our eyes and our vision in general. It will also help if we take vitamins and supplements good for the eyesight.


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