De-Cluttering Your Smartphone  

Our smartphones can accumulate clutters like our personal computers. Clutters may be in the form of unused applications, temporary files and identical pictures. This clutter can affect the performance of our smartphones plus it can reduce the available storage space of our smartphone.


Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans know this so they just go about their everyday lives without giving some thought about their smartphones and its performance. However, for those who are worried about the performance of their smartphones, here are some applications that we can consider for de-cluttering our smartphones:

  • Clean Master: Clean Master is only available for Android users. This application can assist us in terms of detecting and removing junk. The dashboard will show us the amount of memory and storage devoured.


  • Memory & Disk Scanner Pro: Memory & Disk Scanner Pro is only available for iOS users. This application helps determine how resources are consumed for iOS devices. The dashboard displays the memory and disk usage real time.
  • Mobile Assistant: Mobile Assistant is available for Windows Phone. The application banks as a cache cleaner – it can clear out different things such as our browser files, videos, wallpapers, downloads and the like.
  • Storage Cleaner: Storage Cleaner is available for Windows Phone. The application cleans up temporary files. Before cleaning, the application will show the space available, the status and the space consumed by such files. The dashboard is easy to navigate with the delete button to get rid of the files.

The applications are first featured on These applications will surely make a difference. What are we waiting for? We have to act right away.


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