Building Your Own Art Collection

Building an art collection is a very much rewarding hobby. You can express yourself through it. Aside from that, it can also show your strong support for the arts.

Anybody can collect art. And starting your own art collection is a lot easier than you think. Here are a few tips on becoming an art collector.


Start Small

You don’t have to buy several pieces of art all at once. You can simply start with small items. Just as with other commodities, the bigger the item is, the more expensive it will be. Same with artworks, the smaller ones make for the perfect beginning to your collection. This way, you can buy different artworks from different artists, thus making your collection varied.


Being an art collector is more than just buying different pieces of art that you like. You need to educate yourself about the art world because doing so will help you build a great collection. You have to read art books, magazines, or do some online search about artists and different forms of art. It will also be a big help if you read different techniques in choosing quality pieces.

Know What You Like and Dislike

Your collection should be composed of pieces that speak of your taste in art. It is critical that you discover not only what you like, but also what you don’t. Collecting art should be an emotional experience. That being said, only spend on pieces of art that you love.

Be Active

Develop that collector’s eye in you by visiting as much art fairs, shows, galleries and exhibits as you can. There are many art museums and art events in Singapore for you to go to and attend. Plus you can speak to gallery owners and museum curators to gather fascinating art theories. And if you’re lucky enough, you can even get the chance to speak with the artists themselves.

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