Fun Activities in Singapore

Singapore is a tiny city state lying in the Asia Pacific close to the southern tip of Malaysia. It is a group of 63 islands that have been under the control of different foreign powers but has been an independent country since 1965. It has advanced much since then, and is considered best place to be doing business in the world. It is the 4th largest financial centre of the world and attracts entrepreneurs from around the world. But being an important business hub does not mean the country is a dull place for the tourists. There is much to see and do for the tourists and there are some fun activities to indulge in the country as well.

While there are no mountains and forests for those seeking thrill and adventure, but there is certainly water around the small country and also resorts that offer water sports facilities to indulge in. Those who have been to Singapore with their family and kids say that the country is perhaps the most kid friendly city in the world.  There are many outdoor activities that are aimed at different age groups no one can really say that he is getting bored in the city.

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