Make Your Monday Feel Like Saturday With These Tricks!


Most of us will agree that Monday is the worst day of the week (and we’ve got the Sunday night blues to prove it). However, it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. You’ll face weekdays a lot easier if you learn how to love the beginning of the week. Easier said than done? Here are a few tricks to make your Monday—and the rest of week—feel like Saturday.

  1. Bring a Weekend Habit Into the Week

You don’t have to save all the fun stuff for the weekend. While a night parties certainly is appropriate for Friday nights, dinner with friends or yoga session with girls in the office can be done after work hours. Doing something on a Monday that allows you for some fun will make you look forward to begin the week instead of hating it.

  1. Wake Up Early

Weekend mornings are the best because you don’t have to rush yourself on doing things. On weekdays, mornings tend to be rushed. To emulate relaxed Saturday mornings, wake-up a bit earlier. Not as much as an hour early; just enough for you to enjoy your coffee, take a relaxing shower or even lounge around.

  1. Do Some Preparation During the Weekend

One of the reasons why Mondays are overwhelming is because we’re overloaded with work, from choosing an outfit to answering emails. To avoid the chaos, dedicate an hour of your Sunday to plan for your outfit and meals for Monday—or for an entire week—and do some light works like clearing you email of junk mails. This enables you to start your week smoothly and make your Mondays less hectic.

  1. Make a To-Do List

Let’s face it, Mondays have the tendency to make us to more things than we’re capable of. Take a moment to pause, and prioritize what needs to be done. Before Monday comes, make a to-do list to keep you guided of what needs to be done first. As much as possible, avoid multi-tasking, work through your tasks one thing at a time.

  1. Be Nice

Human as we are, we get easily carried away on how much Mondays make us feel. Sometimes, we end up starting the week grumpy and forget that it’s Monday for everyone else as well. By treating your colleagues, clients and everyone around you nicely, you’ll make other people’s Monday a bit better, and in return make you feel good and encourage positivity on others, too.

Whether you crawl back in bed or own it like a boss, Monday is going to come and go. Maybe you won’t be excited for it, but there are things you can do to make the day a gateway to a successful week rather than just another step of a long march to the next weekend.

The Most Identifiable Logos in Hollywood


If you are a movie aficionado, one look at the logo and you will know where it came from. When establishing a company, you have to make sure that your logo can easily be identified by all your audience since it is part of marketing and branding. In this case, movie studios made their logo extraordinarily so their audience can easily identify it.

If ever you see movie logos, you should look more closely. It pays to know a little bit more of movie studios. So, here are some things that you should know about movie studio logos:

20th Century Fox – Even if you are not looking, you will know if the movie is brought to you by 20th Century Fox studio because of its main theme which is in B flat major. The theme was composed by Alfred Newman way back 1933. As for the monument, there have been many versions over the years. First they failed to make a 3D model in 1994 hence they only created the CG model. The logo shows Los Angeles’ city scape.

Paramount Pictures – You will also distinguish Paramount Pictures from others because of the mountain. No one really knows if the mountains are based on real mountains but some theories say that it is Peru’s Mount Artesonraju or Utah’s Ben Lomond. In 1911, the mountain was drawn in charcoal and eventually created into matte painting then CG in 1986. The number of stars aligning at the mountains peak is meaningless.

Universal Pictures – The first logo was released in 1914 and the text read as ‘The Trans-Atlantic Film Co.’ It was changed to Universal Pictures. Universal Logo is also equally easily identifiable with a globe that is like a glitter ball. In 2012, Brian Tyler changed the key of the music composed by Jerry Goldsmith and debuted on ‘Dr Seuss’ The Lorax’.

Walt Disney Pictures – It will only take you few seconds to look at the logo and know that it is a Disney film. The shows a snaking river which is where Walt Disney and his wife got married. You will see many references there from the steam train (from Dumbo), pirate ship (from Peter Pan) and the castle (from Sleeping Beauty). The music that plays alongside is entitled ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’

You can share some information to your fellow movie enthusiasts. Singaporeans love movies and it is only right to get to know the logos more. It pays to know some.

Online Printing Mistakes You Must Avoid  


Printing posters and banners are an effective way of boosting your business presence within a community. There are many online printing services you can use for creating these advertising materials to attract customers. But before you choose among those offering these services, it’s vital to remember that there are a lot of mistakes made when it comes to poster printing. This post will enlighten you of these common mistakes so you can avoid them.


  1. Misspelled words

This seems like one of the most obvious mistakes anyone can make but people still do it even now. Thoroughly read through what you’re submitting for poster printing. Some companies will only print what they receive without checking if there are any errors. They assume that everything submitted to them is already proofread properly. Making this mistake can be very costly since you won’t be able to use a banner with misspelled words and you would have to repeat the entire process.


  1. Wrong size of advertising material

You might think that getting the biggest banner size out there is the best option. With a large banner, you can fit in as much detail as you want. It will also be more visible to people, which can lead to more customers. This kind of thinking is somewhat correct, but you don’t always need the biggest banner. Firstly, you need to think where you’re going to post your banner or whether you’re going to hand them out to clients. It might be better to use smaller posters if you are thinking of posting them in enclosed areas like hallways. Larger banners can be used out in wide streets. But instead of just hanging your posters, you may decide to give them out to people. In that case, you’d want to go for smaller ones which are cheaper and lighter.

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  1. Going for the printing company with the lowest cost

Investing in expensive printing is not at all times bad for business. There are times paying more is better. Take banner printing is an example. Instead of focusing solely on the price, you need to pay more attention on the materials used for your banner. There are print providers out there which offer lower cost printing because they don’t use high quality materials. If a banner’s material quality is low, its content might fade easily. This will render your banner unreadable or less noticeable.


  1. Not using printed advertisements

Perhaps the top mistake is not using poster or banner printing at all. It’s easy to see why many fall for this. You might think that banner or poster printing isn’t important anymore with the rise of the Internet and the many marketing avenues it provides. After all, you can reach a much larger audience through social media websites. While this is true, there are many instances when using posters can be better than by just posting online. For instance, posters can be used to advertise local services. Why would you need someone from the other side of the world reading your advertisement if your business is only local? Posters will only be seen by people around your area. These people will have a higher chance of using your service.

Online printing of advertising materials is definitely something you should look at to promote your business. The process of printing online gives the traditional way of marketing using printed materials, a modern twist. Always keep in mind the mistakes mentioned above, so you wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences they bring.


Its Hired! The Right Time To Get A Luxury Car For Hire

Hiring luxury cars in Singapore services are now starting to become more and more popular due to the fact that many people these days are now more interested in riding a luxury car than just riding a standard car. People think that they can improve their status in the society once they have managed to drive or ride a limousine or any other luxury vehicle.


When To Hire A Luxury Car Service?

If you are thinking of hiring Limousine hire service, then just go for it. Do not look for any specific reason on why you should hire a luxury car for you to ride. You ride it when you feel like riding it. Therefore, you decide when you will hire this kind of service. It is all up to you.

While it cannot be denied that there is no right time for you to get this kind of service, it is also true that people hire luxury cars mostly when there is an important purpose. Some people avail this service when:

  • There will be an important person coming.

Most often than not, companies have special guests that they cannot just afford to disappoint. When these special and influential people are scheduled for a visit, companies do all their best just to make sure they will succeed in impressing these VIPs. As someone who wants to impress a person, you have to prepare everything – from its arrival up to its departure. These people’s experience starts when these individuals have already landed in the place. This is why people, mostly working in the business world, get luxury car hire service when they have a special guest. It is because they want to impress their guests even with the transportation that they provide.

  • There is an important occasion.

People also hire this kind of service when there is an important occasion that you have to go. Many people prefer to ride a luxury car going to the venue simply to put up their social status a little higher than the usual. Some hire this service in order to fit in to the other guests. Probably, this occasion or event is a gathering of wealthy professionals. You do not want to come there walking on your own feet when other guests are riding their head-turner vehicles, right?


Aside from the two common events listed above, you can hire luxury car service in any other instances. Remember that anyone has the freedom what they want to enjoy. As long as you can afford to pay, then there is no reason not to enjoy the ride of your dreams.

How Expensive It Is To Hire A Luxury Car?

Before you hire a luxury car for you to ride, you have to know how much it is to get a luxury car hire Sydney service. This is to make sure that you will be ready on how much you should spend in getting the service.

Some people think that it is very expensive. Yes, it might be more expensive than hiring a standard vehicle, but it is not as expensive as you think it is. While others think that it is impractical to hire Limousine and other luxury cars, think about how much you would have to spend if you choose to buy rather than to rent a luxury vehicle.

Hiring luxury vehicles, such as Limousine, is an economical choice. Why? It is because you choose to just hire a car for a short period of time at an affordable rate. If you choose to buy one, you would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.

How To Hire Luxury Vehicles?

If you are decided that you want to hire expensive cars, all you have to do is to look for a company that offer this kind of service. In Singapore, it is not difficult to find one. Nonetheless, if you do not know any firm that render this service, you just have to search the internet. It is impossible for you not to find one with the help of the internet. As a matter of fact, you might even get a long list of companies that offer luxury car hire service. When you have already chosen a company that will render you the service, just phone or email them so you can talk about the details, such as their car service rate, the date on when you need the car, where do you need to go and many more.


What Students do to Occupy Themselves during School Holidays  


Depending on the country we are in, school days have different appeal to students. For others, they are glad that school is over – at least in the meantime but there are others who wish holidays will never arrive because it means more work and less play. Regardless of the country, school holidays are an integral part of the lives of students.

Five young friends with bicycles scooters and skateboard outdoor

So, how do you spend your school days? If you are curious of what students do when they are on holidays, here is a quick reference on what students do to occupy themselves during school holidays:

  • Singapore: Here in Singapore, not all students are happy during school holidays because they are still expected to fulfil or accomplish schoolwork. For those who are used to it, they automatically assume that all students from all over the world have the same tasks like them. The schoolwork during school holidays is not that bad, after all we boast of the best education in the world.
  • Philippines: In the Philippines, school holidays mean bumming. There, school holidays are called semester break and students are looking forward to it. The break typically falls on the third or fourth week of October and usually lasts two weeks. Classes will resume first or second week of November. In two weeks, students are not expected to accomplish schoolwork or any projects.
  • China: In China, school break means additional classes. It is a norm in China that students take additional classes to further their learnings. This is more productive than staying in the house and bum around. If there are no additional classes, students study for their upcoming exams.


  • United States: In United States, summer camp is famous. When it is school holidays, no one is left in the house without the supervision of parents. As a result, American parents send their kids to summer camp. Summer camp offers varied programs and kids will surely find their interests and enrol.
  • Australia: In Australia, school holidays are different depending on the Department of Education of each state. Typically it is from December to February. Students there enjoy the outdoors. Instead of bumming inside the house or do schoolwork, they prefer to enjoy the great outdoors. They consider camping, mountain climbing and surfing.
  • United Kingdom: United Kingdom is a prosperous country and some affluent families send their kids to help out less fortunate people either abroad or locally. Parents in United Kingdom hope that helping out can enrich the learning of their children.

Students spend their school holidays differently and regardless of what country you are in, you have to occupy yourself with better things for the advancement of your learning.


New Year Leftover Tips  


The celebrations will not be over at least after New Year. Singaporeans love New Year and welcome it with a bash. Parties are everywhere and it is only a matter of picking which one to attend. However, the real essence of New Year is welcoming another year and hoping it would be better than the previous year together with the family.


Despite the attractive parties you are invited, choosing to be with the family is a better choice. The preparations are all set and the merriment comes next. When everything is finished, you are left with one dilemma – what to do with the leftover? You cannot just throw it after all it is in your bucketlist not to waste food.

This article will help you dispense unpleasant thoughts of throwing leftover food. Here are some tips that you can consider when dealing with leftovers:

  • Cool them first: Leftovers can still be eaten if it is properly stored. It is important that you store it properly to prevent spoilage. The best thing to do is cool them first before securing it in a container and off to the refrigerator. You need to cool it for at least one to two hours and put it in the freezer.
  • Split it into smaller portions: If you have more than one type of leftover food, it would hasten the cooling if you split it into smaller portions. If you put it in smaller portions or containers, it will be easy to defrost plus convenient to get what you need for future use.
  • Know the timetable: You can still eat meat leftovers within two days after it was cooked and one day for rice dishes.


  • Make sure to defrost it first before reheating: When you use the leftovers, you have to make sure that you defrost them in the fridge overnight before reheating it .This is to ensure that the meat will not suffer sudden drop of temperature which is enticing for bacteria.
  • Make something out of it: It is possible to make something out of the leftover. For instance, you can make a curry or casserole out of the turkey. After cooking a new meal, it is okay to freeze it if there are more left.
  • Do not put in room temperature for too long: If there are more visitors coming, do not take the food out of the refrigerator yet. After consuming, it is okay to place it back in the refrigerator within an hour.

Leftovers should not be dispensed instantly because it can still be of great use.