Singaporean Desserts For the Sweet Tooth  

Singapore has always been known to be one of the best dining destinations in Asia. There are numerous dishes and a wide variety to choose from for locals and tourists alike. While Singaporean food is best known for hawker dishes and hawker stalls, they also have some of the best local desserts in all of Asia, some of which you may never have heard of and some of which may be a little familiar to you.


Mango Pudding

Well, it’s not an entirely local dish, as it is better known to be a local dish in Hong Kong. However, mango pudding is one of the most popular desserts in Singapore. Mango pudding usually consists of gelatin, ripe mangoes, sugar, evaporated milk, and, in some cases, it’s also served with sago.



Again, this is a dish not entirely local to Singapore as it is found in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Chendol is mainly based on coconut milk and rice flour turned into jelly-like noodles. In Singapore, it is served with red beans and gula melaka.


Pandan Cake

Pandan cake is probably the staple when it comes to Singaporean desserts. Simply put, it is just light sponge or chiffon cake flavored with the juices from pandan leaves, which then produce the green color that makes it distinct from all the other cakes. When made with pure pandan extract, some would actually add green food coloring to simulate the natural coloring of pandan leaves.


Apom Berkuah

Everybody loves eating a heaping stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup and topped with a lot of butter. Well, Singapore has its own version of pancakes. Apom berkuah is made from coconut water and from rice flour instead of the usual all-purpose flour. And, instead of maple syrup, it’s best paired with banana sauce.


Chin Chow

Chin chow is simply known as grass jelly. The jelly is made from the leaves and stalks of a plant known as Mesona chinensis, which locally grows in a lot of Southeast Asian countries. The leaves and stalks are boiled together with starch and potassium carbonate to attain that jelly-like consistency. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this dessert. It is often turned into a drink by adding syrup made from coconut sugar or by adding soy milk.


Challenges of Being in a “Sandwich Generation”  

We often hear “sandwich generation” here in Singapore but we do not understand it. It is important that we are familiar with this term so we can understand it and learn how to deal with it. When we hear “sandwich generation”, it means getting caught up between our kids and aging parents.


People age 40 often endure and persevere “sandwich generation”. Being caught up in this generation is challenging. Here are some challenges that we should understand and cope up:

  • Supporting children: When we are 40, we are busy supporting our children especially if they are teens. Supporting children is not easy because they tend to be more complex. We need to allot time so we can guide them.
  • Providing regular care for the elders: We are so busy that we do not notice our elders getting older. We only notice them when they are sick and in need of our care.


  • We are at the height of our career: We need to hang unto our jobs and careers which prove difficult especially if we have teens and an elder around.

When we are in a “sandwich generation”, every day seems to be a tug-of-war. Things may be difficult but we should make sure that it will not exhaust us. It is natural to be tired but we should never think about giving up. Remember that when we do things for the one we love, the effort seem to be nothing.

If we cannot handle things on our own, it is time that we seek for the help of other people. We should not be embarrassed to ask for one when we need one.


More Complaints Over Beauty Product Ads

Advertising has standards here is set by a specific agency. It should be followed if the beauty industry wants to exist peacefully in the market. Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) is in charge quality and not bogus advertising.


ASAS is also the agency that receives complaints over products that customers deem bogus and misleading. According to ASA, there was an increased total feedback on the beauty industry in 2014. There were about 117 complaints received in 2014 which are way higher than 78 complaints received in 2013 and 40 in 2012.

What does this mean? Many consumers are seeing beauty products misleading and unsupported nowadays. With this, ASAS is urging the beauty companies and the industry in general to submit substantial and realistic advertisements. The people should know what they are buying and should measure their expectations based on the advertisements so they can make a successful purchase.


The increasing number of complaints will have impact in wellness and beauty sectors. ASAS, with the help of other organizations (like Spa and Wellness Association Singapore, Singapore Manufacturing Federation and Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association), advertisements will be better and more realistic in the future.

For now, we have to improve our self-confidence and self-image so we do not depend on any beauty product to look good and feel good. These products are only skin deep. If we want a lasting image, let us invest in the goodness of our hearts. Sounds cliché but this is a more practical approach than purchasing thousands worth of beauty products that do not have lasting effects.


Things Adults in Singapore Succumb To

Peer pressure is everywhere. It is not just the sight of teens passing around couple of shots or cigarettes. Peer pressures are also evident among adults not just here in Singapore but around the world. When you say peer pressure, it means an individual exerting effort and encouraging others to change their behaviours, attitudes and values to conform to their norms.


In other words, it is a manner of influencing others. In this case, let us discuss about adults and the things they succumb to. Here are some things that adults here succumb to in relation to peer pressure:

  • Kid classes: Parents simply want what is best for their kids. Singapore is a difficult place because of the lurking competition. It is only right to set the path for your children but sometimes there are things that are not needed. You spend thousands of dollars because you want to make sure that your kids are not left out. Be honest, there are times that you think what you pay is not actually helping your kid.


  • Drinks and foods with difficult to pronounce names: People are drawn to fancy names and things. Singaporeans are foodies and there are people who will drive halfway across the island just to get a taste of the famous beef or burger. Notice that when you are with friends, you decide to dine at restaurants that have difficult names to pronounce. Of course, no one will dare to question the price or affordability.
  • Extravagant weddings: Who doesn’t like an extravagant wedding? Everyone loves an extravagant wedding that is why when it is their turn, the couple will do their best to awe their visitors. Sometimes they do not realize that they have incurred massive debts just to throw a wedding party.

If you are not careful about the things mentioned above, you will find yourself broke at the end of the day. However, you have to remember that peer pressure is not necessarily negative. It can be positive depending on the person.


Tips on Saving Water

Summer is hot and sticky. Unfortunately it is happening and Singapore is presently enduring it. Singaporeans are feeling the heat. Some think of ways to keep cool. There are others who simply take a bath as often as they can to keep their bodies cool but that is not the practical thing to do. Water is an issue when summer hits.


Here in Singapore, the Minister for Environment and Water Resources assured the public that despite the prolonged dry weather, water resources will not dwindle contrary to the beliefs of others. The Minister said that the Newater Plants will sustain 55% of the country’s water demand irrespective of the amount of rainfall.

The remaining 45% of Singapore’s water supply emanates from reservoir water and imported water coming from Malaysia. We will not have problems but it is still important to practice water conservation. Citizens and residents should think of ways to save water. Here are some tips for saving water that you can carry out:


  • Turn off the faucet: Just by turning off the faucet while you brush, you can save lots of water. When it is not used, you should turn it off.
  • Shower: If you really want to cool yourself, you can take a bath but avoid filling the tub. You can simply consider a shower. Shower only uses less water.
  • Fix leaks: If your sink or toilet has a leak, you should fix it immediately. If you do not know how to fix it, let a professional plumber do it. If you put the drops in a container, it will be gallons.
  • Water the plants: Plants need water to grow. Since it is dry, you should make it a point to water them regularly. When you water the plants, you have to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. If you water it in the middle of the day, the water will evaporate quickly.
  • Car wash: If it is really needed, you can wash your car or bike but do not use hoses. You can save lots of money if you only use a sponge and bucket. If you are a car wash owner, you can install a technology that recycles water instead of letting it down the sewer.

We should not be too confident about our water supply because we do not know when the dry weather will end. If you can share this to your friends and co-workers, it would be best. If you have young children in your house, you can teach them how to conserve water in their own little ways. Do not ignore this call before it is too late and the water level is critical.

Plumber vs Leaking Faucet


Laws That You Might Not Know About Singapore

Singapore is named as the “Fine City” because of the laws that they’ve imposed which talks about the care of the environment. Banning of chewing gum in the country is one law that is strictly imposed. Also, urinating in public restrooms without flushing is illegal. They are also called the “Fine City” because of their low crime rate compared to other countries. However, you will find the place literally a city of “Fine” because of the penalties that is given to every violator of the law.


Places to Avoid Smoking

Almost all country in the world prohibits smoking in public areas. In Singapore, smoking is banned almost in all areas in the country which includes offices, shops and other non-air-conditioned places. Also, places such as playgrounds, playing courts, fitness quarters, multi-purpose halls, walkways hospitals, pedestrian bridges and limited areas in residential places.


World-Class Device to Easily Caught Violators

While leaving the toilets not flushed is illegal, urinating especially in elevators is strictly prohibited. Authorities have problems with people who are urinating inside the elevator before. But after the law was implemented, a lot of people are disciplined because of the strict implementation of the law. To easily caught violators, authorities use UDD or a Urine Detection Device. This device identifies the smell of the urine and when the machine detects any smell, you will be lock down on the elevator and the alarm will be turned. It will only be opened until the police come to arrest you.

There are a lot of laws that Singapore imposes. All of them have heavy penalties as well as fines. So better obey the laws and be good.