Tips on Saving Water

Summer is hot and sticky. Unfortunately it is happening and Singapore is presently enduring it. Singaporeans are feeling the heat. Some think of ways to keep cool. There are others who simply take a bath as often as they can to keep their bodies cool but that is not the practical thing to do. Water is an issue when summer hits.


Here in Singapore, the Minister for Environment and Water Resources assured the public that despite the prolonged dry weather, water resources will not dwindle contrary to the beliefs of others. The Minister said that the Newater Plants will sustain 55% of the country’s water demand irrespective of the amount of rainfall.

The remaining 45% of Singapore’s water supply emanates from reservoir water and imported water coming from Malaysia. We will not have problems but it is still important to practice water conservation. Citizens and residents should think of ways to save water. Here are some tips for saving water that you can carry out:


  • Turn off the faucet: Just by turning off the faucet while you brush, you can save lots of water. When it is not used, you should turn it off.
  • Shower: If you really want to cool yourself, you can take a bath but avoid filling the tub. You can simply consider a shower. Shower only uses less water.
  • Fix leaks: If your sink or toilet has a leak, you should fix it immediately. If you do not know how to fix it, let a professional plumber do it. If you put the drops in a container, it will be gallons.
  • Water the plants: Plants need water to grow. Since it is dry, you should make it a point to water them regularly. When you water the plants, you have to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. If you water it in the middle of the day, the water will evaporate quickly.
  • Car wash: If it is really needed, you can wash your car or bike but do not use hoses. You can save lots of money if you only use a sponge and bucket. If you are a car wash owner, you can install a technology that recycles water instead of letting it down the sewer.

We should not be too confident about our water supply because we do not know when the dry weather will end. If you can share this to your friends and co-workers, it would be best. If you have young children in your house, you can teach them how to conserve water in their own little ways. Do not ignore this call before it is too late and the water level is critical.

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