Work Easy: Start with Your Desk

We are often very busy in our workplace that we don’t find time to clear the clutter around us and organize our desk. Our desks reflect our character: having a messy one makes us look unprofessional, while a tidy desk makes us look very well-organized and makes our surrounding light. So practice organizing your desk before you start and after work. Consider the following tips:


Remove all unnecessary objects

It is always good to start clean. We should remove all things inside and on top of the desk to wipe all surfaces. We don’t want to give an impression of untidiness so we have to allot some time cleaning the clutter and start organizing our desk. After cleaning the desk, it is time to start arranging and organizing it.

Arrange and organize your things

Place things that you often use in an accessible place. For example, if you frequently use the phone, place it near or on your desk. Pencils, markers, pens, glues and scissors should be in a container on top of the desk for easy reach. Other essential things like sticky notes, ruler, sharpener, highlighters, clips, stapler, puncher and papers are better inside the drawer.

Practice faithfully

Meanwhile things that are not often used should be put elsewhere but not that far so when we need it, we will find it easy. We should specify a place for each item so we will know where to open when we need something. No matter what happens, we should abide with the new system.

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