How to Quit Your Job in Good Terms

Now, we established that we need to change careers before it is too late for us. The next thing that we need to do is quit our job. The thing is, we cannot just take off. We should make sure that we parted right.


When the time comes, we want to live with dignity and on good terms with the company. Here are some tips on quitting our job:

  • The art of timing: We might feel uneasy telling the whole office that we are leaving soon. There will be many questions and unless we do not want to catch all the attention, it is best to tell everyone a month before we actually leave.
  • Give appropriate notice: The worst thing that we can do is blindside our boss by quitting right away or going AWOL. Bridging business that we haven’t crossed yet will destroy our career. We should consider giving appropriate notice early.


  • Complete all projects: The common mistake of people who quit their job is not finishing their projects. We might lose motivation but we have to complete the projects before turning it over to the new staff. We should protect our reputation and finish with grace.
  • Say our goodbyes: Saying good bye doesn’t mean email blasting the whole company. We can instead drop by to our close friends and say our goodbyes.
  • Keep it classy: When we’ve moved on, we have to avoid talking ill about our colleagues and the company. It will speak a lot about us.

We are not ready to undertake new challenges and hopefully, we are one step closer to our dream job. There are many job opportunities for career developments here in Singapore, we should not get stuck and feel unhappy in the first place.


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