Considering Cosmetic Surgery

Have you heard about a Korean woman who endured and survived 120 procedures to get her dream face? Yes, 120 procedures and she endured it all for 7 years. This woman is really determined to change her face and perfect it. In a variety show in South Korea, the woman was invited and she revealed the surgeries she went through. She said she had to correct her smile, double her eyelids, perfect her nose and made her face smaller.


That was a lot of pain but for the sake of beauty, the woman survived and thrived. According to her, the treatment she is receiving now is quite different from before. She also spent thousands for the procedures and she said that it is not enough. You cannot blame the society for creating the ideals of beauty. The good thing is that you can enhance and improve yourself but you have to endure all the pain that goes with it. So, are you ready?

Many people now consider cosmetic surgery to perfect their flaws. It is their choice but they need to know the disadvantage and complications of cosmetic surgery. They need to contemplate hard because this is a life decision and it is crucial. Once you have cosmetic surgery, you cannot undo it. You have to consider the following things when you think about cosmetic surgery:


It is not a secret that cosmetic surgeries come with complications especially if it is a major one. Complications will include blood clots, infection, bleeding, scarring, tingling, numbness and many more. Cosmetic surgeons will assure you that you will be fine but things happen.

Mental and Emotional Costs

You cannot be fully prepared mentally and emotionally for cosmetic surgery. You may think that you are ready but you find yourself regretting it when it is done. The stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and recovering will surely affect you. The pain and swelling will surely test you and you need to come out of it alive.

Damaging Relationships

You think that cosmetic surgery solves everything but if you look deeper, it will surely damage your relationships. For example, you augmented your breasts and when your parents see you, they are quite adamant about it and it will make you uncomfortable. It will surely disrupt your relationship with them.

The lesson here is to love yourself a little bit more. If you love yourself a little bit more, you will accept what you look and treasure it. You will feel confident if the people around you continually support and love you. You do not need to endure all the pains and troubles just to be beautiful.

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