Advice for Aspiring Engineers

Have you ever dreamt of building something as high as the skyscrapers you see in the city? Or have you ever imagined yourself being famous because of your out of the box buildings? Continue dreaming and imagining because this is the first step in making yourself the next best engineer of your generation. In order to be an engineer, you have to see yourself being one because if not, you might not survive all the challenges there are for aspiring engineers. 


If you are an aspiring engineer, make sure that you have the drive on solving complex problems. This does not only mean solving mathematical problems, but also solving problems in logic and real life. Engineers have mathematical problems from the subjects they have, and they will also have complex challenges from life which they much manage hand in hand.


Make sure to show your building and designing capacities by having a portfolio of designs. You can start doing this as early as the time you have learned the skill of designing a floor plan up to designing a whole building, bridge or any form of infrastructure. This will help you develop your skills and prepare you to your internship and job application.

There are hundreds or thousands of engineers out there who are as capable and as educated as you are. In order for you to make a difference, have a specialty. Are you particularly good in specific and reliable measurements, are you known for state of the art designs—what is your edge? Your specialty will make you stand out.


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