How to Pick the Right Equipment for Your Hotel Kitchen

The hotel kitchen is part of your overall customer service. That is why it’s an important factor in the quality of food your business is serving to the clients. Good food, however, is not only determined by the expert preparation in the hands of the best cooks and chefs in Singapore, but in the planning of the kitchen design, the quality of the commercial kitchen equipment, the menu plan, and the delivery of the food itself.

What Does a Hotel Kitchen Do?

The hotel kitchen is where the food for the guests are prepared before they are served in the hotel’s restaurant, reception or banquet rooms, or through room service.

What makes a hotel kitchen effective is its layout, which must take into consideration the menu and the tasks that need to be performed. Most hotels in Singapore cater to different clients, that is why most hotel kitchens vary in size and the number of staff.

To make the tasks more manageable, the kitchen is usually divided into sub-sections or workstations, a factor that an effective kitchen manager should study before consulting a kitchen designer and a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.

The main sections may include the following: hot food, cold kitchen or garde-manger or larder, bakery or confectionery, banquet, room service, receiving, wash up or pot and plate, and stores. The sub-sections for each are listed below.

Hot Food – roast, soup, vegetable, sauce or grill or fry, and fish sections
Cold Kitchen – salad preparation, sandwich station, hors d’oeuvre, juice, and showpiece stations
Bakery and Confectionery – mixing, dough holding or proofing, dough rolling, baking, cooling, dessert preparation, and plating sections
Banquet – bulk cooking, roasting and broiling, holding, and pick-up stations
Room Service – grill, fry, and hot range sections
Receiving – weighing and checking section
Wash Up – pot wash and plate house sections

What Should You Include in Your Hotel Restaurant Kitchen?

Now that the tasks can be divided among the kitchen staff, let’s look at the basic layout of a hotel kitchen. This area might be similar to most restaurant kitchens from singapore alpscreative In Singapore you will see outside hotels, but for a larger business, you will find more specialized sections that cater to different types of customers.

When consulting a kitchen designer and a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, keep in mind the dimensions of the kitchen, its proximity to the dining area, and its accessibility to the delivery staff. A kitchen should be designed smartly to maximize the use of commercial kitchen equipment and to make the tasks of the staff easier, faster, and more efficient.

1. Storage Area – This section is the area designated for the kitchen supplies and storage of all ingredients. It should be near the preparation area, but must be accessible to the staff outside the kitchen.
2. Preparation Area – The preparation area is usually found in the middle of the kitchen where it is accessible to all the kitchen staff. This is where all the food is prepared before they are cooked.
3. Cooking Area – This area is where all the equipment that use heat or open fire are found. Some restaurants divide this further into the following areas: sauté, grill, fry, pizza, and salad and vegetable sections.
4. Serving Area – This is where all the cooked or freshly prepared food are placed before they are sent to the hotel guests or diners. The serving area is also near the kitchen line, or the area where the servers pick up the food.
5. Special Areas – Some areas in the kitchen include specialized functions such as the sauce section, roast section, fish section, cold kitchen, soup section, vegetable section, bread/pastry/confectionery section, and outdoor cooking section.

What Should be Included in Each Section?

Each kitchen section will require different commercial kitchen equipment, so you should consult your kitchen equipment supplier about the appropriate type of equipment you will need. The appliances should be placed where they can be accessed easily by the staff without having to navigate through a complicated maze of commercial kitchen equipment.

Storage Area

• Refrigerator
• Freezer and coolers
• Storage carts, boxes, and racks
• Shelving
• Ingredient bins
• Soup transport
• Food containers in various sizes and bain maries
• Stainless steel pails
• Steam tables and accessories
• Vegetable crisper
• Keg racks
• Plates, bowl, glass, and cup storage

Preparation Area

• Stainless steel tables, prep tables, and racks
• Sinks and wash basins
• Meat slicers, saws, grinders, and tenderizers
• Food peelers
• Vegetable or fruit cutters
• Cheese cutters, graters, and melters
• Salad vegetable dryer
• Dough mixers, sheeters, dividers and rounders, cutters and scrapers
• Planetary mixers
• Food, bar, and immersion blenders
• Electric juicers and pulp extractor juicer
• Food processors
• Can openers
• French fry cutters
• Hamburger presses
• Chicken slicer
• Breading machine
• Pasta machine, ravioli cutter, and noodle maker
• Spice grinder
• Chef’s knives

Cooking Area

• Ranges
• Wok range
• Stock pot range
• Hotplates
• Broilers
• Salamanders
• Ovens
• Microwave ovens
• Fryers
• Tilting kettles
• Braising pan
• Steamers
• Griddles, charbroilers, and outdoor and specialty grills
• Pasta cooker and rethermalizer
• Exhaust hoods
• Rice cookers and warmers
• Cookware

Serving Area

• Warming and holding equipment
• Refrigerated display cases
• Trolleys and delivery carts
• Bus and service carts
• Lockers and storage cabinets
• Ice machines, bins, and chests
• Coffee maker, dispenser
• Autofill water boilers
• Lid, cup, and straw dispensers
• Juice dispenser
• Milk dispenser
• Soda syphon
• Wine cooler
• Draft beer cooler or bottle coolers
• Bottle opener with cap catcher
• Liquor displays
• Underbar equipment and supplies
• Cocktail equipment
• Water dispensers
• Banquet equipment


• Dishwashers
• Sushi equipment, rice mixer, sushi cutter, and towel warmer
• Tuna press and strainer
• Oyster shucker
• Lobster cutter or cracker
• Shrimp cutter and deveiner
• Shell separator
• Garnishing equipment
• Candy slicer
• Bread slicer and/or bagel slicer
• Sealing and wrapping equipment
• Wrap stations
• Vacuum packaging machine
• Scales
• Fryer oil filtration equipment
• Waffle cone makers
• Crepe makers
• Sushi rice maker and containers
• Toasters
• Bun grillers
• Mongolian barbecue range
• Teppanyaki griddles
• Dim sum equipment
• Waffle makers, omelet maker, panini grills, and tortilla press and grill
• Outdoor stoves/burners, grills, fryers, and steamers
• Portable bar
• Condensate hoods

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