Buying the Best Alkaline Water Filter

While an alkaline water ionizer will definitely be worth your money, it can nevertheless still be quite expensive. This is why it’s important to know the characteristics of the best water filter before buying one in Singapore. Here’s how:

Brand Credibility and Market Leadership
All brands of alkaline water machines make a lot of promises, and even though most of it may be true, it’s still important to be cautious of their claims. The trustworthiness of a product is characterized by their years not only in the market, but more importantly of their research, support and recognition from government and various organizations. The best choice is to get the premier brand in the Singapore market that stands out among the others. Choose an alkaline water machine manufacturer that has received official excellence awards from the water ionizer industry, locally and internationally. For instance, the KOTRA (Korea International Trade Agency) Seal of Excellence is awarded to companies in Korea that meet the highest standards of quality of business.

The Latest Technologies
The most advanced alkaline water machine produce water that has the ideal pH level and operate with less noise and heat, and low energy consumption. A good alkaline water machine bought in Singapore also operates with large titanium plates that are coated with platinum to guarantee a long-term excellent performance. Moreover, the larger the platinum-coated titanium plate, the more effective the electrolysis will be. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is the preferred power supply to use for alkaline water filters today. If you buy alkaline water filter in Singapore, water filters that have dual filtration system also have an advantage over others because they have the ability to filter water impurities more effectively.

ISO and GMP certification
A reliable alkaline water machine in Singapore is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines and product specifications strictly established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for medical products.

pH Level
A good water ionizer produces alkaline water with pH level ranging 7.0 to 9.5, while still able to produce water with still lower pH levels. “Beauty water”, which has a pH level between 4 and 6, is used to enhance the hair and skin. Water with pH 3-4 is used to wash vegetables and to clean the house. Lastly, water with pH 2-3 can be used to disinfect and kill bacteria.

Good Customer Service Care
The best alkaline water machine manufacturer has a good customer service program to ensure that their products are subjected to several tests before product release. This is to be certain that all water ionizer machines have optimum performance. Additionally, there must be an option for customers should they wish to have their products undergo regular product inspection and servicing.

Product Warranty
In purchasing most products, always consider the warranty. The key is that usually, the manufacturers or companies that offer longer periods of warranty are the ones that are confident of the reliability of their products. There are certain companies that have a warranty period of up to 2 years.