Bbq Catering for Different Occasions

Bbq catering is very popular for events in Singapore. The meats are very tasty and very easy to eat. In Singapore, bbq food is known as satay. These are very tasty meat with rich marinade and spices. The marinade and spices adds flavour to the meat making it popular to different kinds of gatherings. Here are a few events where bbq catering is perfect for.


If you’re looking for a catering service that will help you feed hundreds of mouths without going beyond the budget, you should look for a bbq catering service provider. This type of catering is very cheap compare to buffet because bbq food doesn’t need to be served by servers. Try comparing the prices with other food services and see for yourself the price range differences.

If you’re planning to host a big birthday bash occasion and have to feed lots of guests, consider bbq catering. Whether you’re having it at home or in rented halls, this type of catering will surely be appreciated by your guests. A bbq party with springocean bbq singapore food signals everyone that it’s time to unwind, have fun and relax. Although it typically indicates summer season, bbq party can be done anytime of the year.

Luncheon Gatherings
Whether you want to impress a client or your boss assigned you to organize a luncheon meeting, you can have a bbq catered lunch. You can purchase cooked bbq food like ribs, steak, burgers, sausages, and hotdogs in restaurants or food chains that cater bbq wholesale Singapore. Pair the meats with bbq side dishes like potato salad or mashed potatoes. Your boss and co-workers will surely appreciate your creativity and unique thinking.


Family Gatherings
Backyard bbq party with family can be very fun. If you think you can handle your own bbq party needs, why not do it on your own? Do the meat shopping and cooking personally or with the help of anyone in the group. Look for Singapore barbecue wholesale shops to get cheaper meat prices. If none, ask the meat vendor if they can give you bbq wholesale prices for purchasing large amount of meats.

So, the next time you plan to throw a party, consider bbq catering as one of your food options. Clearly, it suits any type of event you wish to have. Singapore Bbq catering services have variety of menu options and services to fit your theme and budget. And lastly, it’s not just affordable but it also encourages your guests to be more sociable to other acquaintances.